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Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Look! Maru is wearing a Hogwarts hat!

I have cute friends, don't I?


Oh, oh. I'm giddy. There's more news about Lucy Lawless' guest role on The X-Files. Can I quote E!Online here?

"Coincidentally, while Xena never shied away from its lesbian following, Lawless's guest role comes just as The X-Files deals with its own storyline raising questions about the sexual identity of Agent Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish.

During the show's May season finale, Gish's character was seen cooing over an in-labor Agent Scully--leading some X-philes to wonder whether Agent Reyes was actually a lesbian. Internet message boards fueled speculation that her character may come out next season--but to those folks who think the erstwhile Xena would make a great girlfriend, producers said that probably won't happen.

Aw, they're no fun! Fortunately, we're clever and dirty enough to see the subtext. The X-Files is all about the subtext, baby. :-)


Took the test of the The Belief System Selector@SelectSmart. Turns out I belong, 100%, no less, to the Unitarian Universalism. Which is a kind of a religion mixture enmarked on today's world when it comes to freedom of choice regarding sex, abortion and other issues. What's more interesting is the fact that according to this test, the last religion I should belong to is Roman Catholic, which is the one I was raised to believe in. I'm sure my grandma would LOVE to hear this. ;-)


This is a desperate call for help. How is it possible I live to find this kind of pictures, huh?

I don't care he looks like my dog when he's taking a bath. He's wet, people. Wet. Ya know what I mean?

My mouth waters. And not for the hat. I won't say anything else.

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Monday, July 30, 2001
Aww. Look what Maru gave me for my birthday. Another JC bear! Isn't it cute? LOL.

JC and JC

What? I had to put it next to his brother, the African-American (I'm politically correct! Oooh! ;-). And that weird yellow animal? Some Digimon character I got in my bag of Doritos this morning. ;-)

BTW, is it healthy I'm so excited about my Cardio Full Contact class tonight? Yay! :-D


Okay, someone help me explain this. I preordered "Celebrity" from Town Records on July 5th, ok? Then, I ordered the "I'll Never Stop" single last week. And I just got my lil' package from Tower Records, but it's the single! Ugh? What's up with that? Hey, I'm not complaining, but damn, I want my Celebrity! I've waited over a week for it. :-(

Oh, the instrumental version of INS is DA BOMB. I'm a secret karaoke fan, I guess. ;-)

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...wet JC. These are the things that help you get warm through the night. Bless the man for looking that fuckable.


Sunday, July 29, 2001
Yesterday -- great day on the "Ugh" scale. All morning buying groceries in the market, with a scolding, yet humid weather. Yuck. I also had pain on my thighs the whole day, thanks to my stretching class on Thursday. Ibel was baaaad with us. I had to take an analgesic for that. I hope the girls had a nice Japanese meal at Mr. Sadao's.

This morning started with a funk. I'm in one of those I-miss-him-so-bad-it-hurts-and-makes-me-cry-with-every-romantic-song-I-listen-to. Hell, I was watching Shakira's Unplugged show last night, and I started crying uncontrollably. I couldn't get a grip, for God's sake. Then started the Alanis Morissette's one, and the girl started singing "Head Over Feet." I was so gone. I think I cried myself to sleep. I'm so pathethic.

Just when I thought I was improving my condition, I saw "Clueless" for the umpteenth time this afternoon, and I swear the guy who plays Josh looked just like him. Got into a mood again. Can you believe I can't even watch people kissing in the movies? It gets me so depressed, that I start hating them.

Why everything has to be so complicated with me? Why am I so fucking difficult? Why am I so fucking picky? Argh. I feel like pulling my hair out.

I'm a fucking teenager again. With a double dose of angst. How wonderful.

And mom just reminded me that our trip to Mexico is next week. I have so many things to do at work, I'm afraid to ask for vacations. Worse: I'm afraid I won't have enough time to do everything I have to finish before I go.

And I hope Skybox sends my Celebrity CD this week, or I'll have a fit.

I should have posted this yesterday, but Netscape is a BITCH.



Saturday, July 28, 2001
Ok, it's official. I HATE Netscape.
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Friday, July 27, 2001
I found a new board. This one's from dirtypop.nu.

It ROCKS. The people in there are nuts. I love'em.:-)

BTW, sometime somewhere today I read the following quote: "Get a life? Where can I download that?" ;-)

Gotta go. Must Reply Mail to Boyf.


This is my new favorite picture:

cutie poofu ;-)

Gotta love Lance.


Oh boy. I found a link to TheSpark this morning and took a couple of tests in there. Turns out I'm 40% bitch, which is not a big surprise, mind you, but discovering the fact that I'm 44% Gay made me laugh out loud. Maybe I've taken my liking to Angelina Jolie a tad too heavily? ;-)

I'll tell Tate to take the test too and compare notes. I mean, Olga just made 23%. Duh.

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Yay! ANT is back at the board.


Toady's horoscope:

Emotionally, you might feel a bit rough around the edges today. There is a bite to the day that may leave you feeling upset and unnerved. It may seem as if no one understands you. By opening up to others, you will allow for others to open up more to you. People will be anxious to jump in and learn the inner workings of your mind. You have a great deal of personal wisdom to share.


When you think that everything's definitely went down the drain, people surprise you. They touch your heart in such a deep manner that you don't have any other option but to crave, sigh, and let yourself go with the flow.

Somehow, you discover that you're breathing again, and you're surprised that someone else gave you that gift.


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