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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Oh my God. This is not happening.
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Monday, September 10, 2001
I'm scared.

Somehow I just managed to fuck something with Blogger (!!!), so I can't edit the last entry. The Weasley Twins are here.


I heart Gred and Forge

I found the gorgeous scans of Vanity Fair's September issue, dedicated to the wonder that is Harry Potter. Ahem. Many thanks to the people at The Spellbinder for making us HP fans happy not only with these wonderful images, but with the article, which rocks my socks.

Anyway, once again I proved to myself that I wasn't wrong. When I first started reading the HP books, I always thought the Weasley Twins were good looking, and that they had this mischievous glint in their eyes. Now, can you please take a look at James and Oliver Phelps in this picture with the rest of the Gryffindow Quidditch team? They ARE Fred and George. Amazing.


Slashy stuff

Yay! I'm so dirty. I knew all this Joey/Chris wasn't new. Let images speak for themselves.

kiss him, KISS HIM!

How, er, fruity.

I'm scarred for life. This is just WRONG. Somebody put lance under JC right NOW.

A penny for your thoughts, JC.

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Many things have happened lately, but Blogger has gone all bitchy on me.

Let's see:

1) I finally found the tattoo design of my dreams. Browsing through the site of a wonderful artist, Amy Brown, I found my fairy. She's called "water element" and it was love at first sight.

Here she is:

Of course, I'm buying an original print of the artwork, and I'm doing some changes for the tattoo, since I *do* want my ouroboros. I'll make sure both her legs are down, and that the palm of her right hand is up, so a little ouroboros is hovering above it. It's gonna look so beautiful!

2) I'm an aunt! I'm a freaking aunt!! Betzy had her baby on the 5th and I'm so excited I'm jumping all over the place... this is so great!


Oh wow. ::sighs:: Maigua, Rosa and I got a beautiful mobile for Angely (that's the baby's name) at lunch break. It's so lovely... with all these furry cute animals. And it's musical. And it glows in the dark. Aw.

You can say I'm ga-ga. I don't care. Babies are beautiful.

I went to see her on Thursday, and she's so gorgeous. I got all teary-eyed and everything. Makes you wonder if you'll ever be lucky enough to have one, too.

3) VMA's.

I really wonder what's wrong with me, since I enjoyed it (especially JC's wifebeater), unlike everybody else. I'm not complaining. My boys got 4 awards, although I was VERY pissed off that Lady Marmalade got Video of the Year. Come ON. Nothing beats Christopher Walken's dance, people. It's a wonder what 4 women dressed like French whores can do. Ugh. I felt bad for Britney since she had to lip-synch because of the power. Ugh. She was cool, tho.

My review, *NSYNC style, is here.

And an extra pic, just because Justin's mom was looking Ghetto Fabulous.

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Monday, September 03, 2001
Things that make you go "OH MY GOD" and then moan:


He's so into it, he's bordering raunchy. I love it. yeah!


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