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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Becca reports:

"I heard Joey on the radio this morning say that he's gonna be Tigger for Halloween, Kelly's gonna be Eeyore and Brianna's gonna be Winnie the Pooh."


Don't you hate it when you double-post?





No more hot office for me. I have goosebumps, yeah. I'm switching lights, yeah. It doesn't bother me, because I'm cold and I'm happy.


We had a magnitude 4 earthquake this morning at 4:37 am. According to authorities, the epicenter was located 4 miles under the sea in the northwest coast of La Guaira, and they're expecting weaker replicas. No damages reported so far. I slept through it, so I can't really tell you if it was that strong or not. I fell asleep watching the game last night. The Yankees won 2-1, which was predictable in a way. There's no way the Diamondbacks could have made a sweep -- although the thought was sweet. Let's see what happens tonight.

I'm destroyed. My neck hurts so bad because of Felipe. You see, Halloween night at the gym was wild. People got creative and wore all kids of funky costumes. There were lots of devils and disco divas, not to mention the usual witches and vampires. The classes were great -- we even had a smoke machine and everything. But it was a heavy metal, dark, thriller night. At the end, Felipe did his Alice Cooper-esque performance with fake blood and everything -- it was extremely cool. He was wearing his harlequin makeup with the white contacts, and he was looking so good. His mom was all glam, too. Incredible. BUt I had to go at 8:30 because I was tired and sweating like a pig. Believe me, all the hairspray and blue hair paid off, but I wanted to go home and get some intensive conditioner on it, and FAST.

The coolest thing to wear were the punk accessories and the tattoos. I still have the gargoyle on my arm, and it will be there util it falls off. My mom was in love with it -- probably because it was fake, mind you -- and I had to put one on her ankle (a cute mendhi design) to make her happy. I love my mom. <.g>

The neck hurts because I was headbanging for 15 minutes. I'm SO not rock'n'roll.

Anyway, I'll survive. I need to -- because I have powerbike with Jan tonight and... Latin dance class with The Ass. Oooooh yeeeeah. I think even Amny and Jesus are Joining us tonight. Coolness. And it seems like we're having a cool Halloween because we'll get a full moon tonight for the first time in 46 years! No more full moon for this date until 2020, when I'll be 44 years old.

Now that's a scary thought. But hopefully I'll be as hot as I am right now, so...

Before I go, I must say I'm glad that Alejandro Sanz and Juanes took the most awards in lat night's Latin Grammy ceremony. Kudos to them.


Tuesday, October 30, 2001
Okay, our Halloween costumes for the gym are ready.

We went to the mall at lunch time and got 5 sheets of temporary tattoos. Most of them are black tribal designs, with the sole exception of an 8-inch purple and green gargoyle that I'll be wearing on my right arm, I think. <.giggle>

We also got blue hairspray for Maigua and a blue hair thingy for Raquel. Nothing for me, because my mom somehow managed to make braids and dreadlocks on my hair, which is blue as we speak. I tell you, she was having the time of her life last night doing all kinds of funkly stuff in my hair. It's all blue and crusty now, and I want to put conditioner on it as soon as possible. But first we got to sweat tonight and show off our fake tattoos.

Oh yeah, I got a fake nose ring. Fooled Amny. Badly. Bwhahahaha. And a black elastic band for my head, too.

We're gonna look cool and silly. Love it. <.g>



I couldn't have said it better.


Further proof that J.Lo is a bitch, courtesy of PopDirt.com:

"TheSmokingGun.com got ahold of the rider for Jennifer Lopez's appearance on the charity single for 'What's Going On' which included a long list of demands despite the fact that they would take from money donated to charity. Lopez insisted on a 45' trailer, Evian, Balance Bars, white roses and lillies, and a fruit tray, amongst other items. Check out the rider here."

Why did they invite her on the first place if they knew she was going to be so high-maintenance? Shove it up your big ass, J.Ho. There are talent out there who could have done it for free and without all that diva shit.

And here we have more Behind The Music footage for AJ. Sweet Lord.

"USA Today talked to Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson following A.J.'s trouble with substance abuse which caused their tour to be sidelined. A.J. admits, "I only dabbled in cocaine -- alcohol was the main problem. I was drinking at 9 in the morning -- having a shot of Jack (Daniel's) to get me going. I became distant from all my loved ones. I was seeing a shrink, but it wasn't helping."

Read the interview here.

OTOH, not everything's so bad:

"MTV's John Norris reported on TRL Monday that 'On The Line' didn't do as bad as the numbers might indicate since it was shown in so few theaters. If you calculate revenue per venue, it actually would have been in the top 5 films for the week."

Well, so I think it's better than "Dude, Where's My Car?" then. <.g>

E!Online reports that Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone will run for 152 minutes and 13 seconds. Rawwwwr. Of course, they also say the movie is aimed at kids, and that they will probably get tired of sitting there for more than two hours when the average kiddie movie lasts 90 minutes. I say that if they liked the book, they'll stay and enjoy the whole thing -- I'm sure time will fly. If they don't, fuck them. The grownups are the ones paying for their tickets, anyway. Which reminds me that I should go to a 9 pm function to avoid the little minions.

Oh, don't look at me like that. I like kids. They go great with Merlot.


Monday, October 29, 2001


Well. I tried to update this thing on the weekend, but it seems IE, MSN Explorer and Nestcape didn't want me to, because they kept crashing everytime I tried to log in Blogger, so LiveJournal was the only thing I could update.

So this is gonna be somewhat long. <.g>


My God, we were SO tired from the Gloria Gaynor thing, and we still wanted to make the Powerbike class. We gave Jan her gift, and she positively adored her Groove Armada CD. She was so excited! Hehee. The class was fine, not just because the music selection was great, but because I didn't pass out or anything. And let me tell you, I was so damn tired I couldn't see straight. Then there was this gorgeous guy sitting in the bike in front of me with these thighs that would make Russell Crowe feel envy, but I actually eyed him at the beginning of the class, because I had to focus. I swear I can't ogle him while I'm doing push-ups.

Anyway, the last song of the night was "I'm a Slave 4 U", and there's this girl from Felipe's class that stared dancing just like Britney, it was shocking. Jan told her to come down at the front of the room and dance for all of us, and wow. She had all the moves dead-on. It was frightening. Put a blond wig and a belly button ring on her and she's Britney. Dayum. I felt bad for sucking so much at dancing.

I'm gonna have to ask her to tech me some moves there.

Then, when we were ready to go, Buff Guy striked again. He was with Eliana, our gym buddy who works in there, and all the conversation looked like a plot to introduce him. She was positively throwing him in my direction. Just put a price tag on him and make me buy him already, woman. Jeez. I swear he was staring so hard I could feel his eyes making holes in my face. And I was fighting so hard not to laugh, because the whole thing was so 12-year-old. Is the man SLOW or what? Talk, my friend. Make interesting conversation and I *might* flirt back for fun.

Because I'm a loyal woman, you know.


Oh, I love to be silly. That Halloween party was the shit. I arrived early with Maigua, so we had to apply gothic makeup on four girls who wanted to look frightening, dark, but very sexy. Did I mention the oldest one was 12? My God. Anyway, we applied black stick-on nails, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascarta and black lipstick like maniacs. And the results were fantastic, I must say. They all looked great.

Rosa arrived with Carlos around 3, so we all put on our Hogwarts robes, took our brooms and went down to the party. When Jessica saw our costumes, her mouth was open in shock. Her eyes were twinlking with anger, and she started screaming "you traitors! Why didn't you tell me you were coming as Slytherins and Gryffindors?!?" Heheee. She was pissed off at first, but then she calmed down. She seriously couldn't believe we were going to go with costumes or anything. Much less that we were going all Harry Potter on her without her knowledge. Of course, after that we were attacked by questions from all the kids. "Who are you? Hermione?" "You are... bad! Are you Draco's girlfriend?" "Do you know Fred and George?" "Where is Ron?"

So we had a great time there. There was a blond wig in a box, and Carlos ended up wearing it. We did alll kind of nasty things with that wing. LOL. He ended up wearing ponytails, braids, even dreadlocks. We were all acting so silly and carefree it was a refreshing change. And you forget how fun is to hang around with kids.

"Electrica Salsa" was the song of choice, because somehow we couldn't get Lindberg doing his stripper dance out of our heads every time that song played. <.giggle>

I picked up dinner at MCDonald's before going home. I still had my costume on and people were staring at me with a strange look, until they saw the Gryffindor crest on my chest. Then they went all "oooh" and "aahh". Since I had a backpack and my brrom, I felt very Gryffindor at the moment.

I arrived home to see how the D'backs kicked some serious Yankee ass, yo. Go Schilling.


Slept until 2 pm and finally recovered lost sleep. Had wonderful, yummy lunch. Read the paper.

Finally saw Memento. I need someone to talk about it very soon, because I'm somehow confused by it. I loved it, but I need to resolve a few things in my head.

Tried to watch A.I. but the VCR didn't want mne to. Gave up. Fell asleep.

Woke up, had dinner, made dinner to my dogs. Watched the game and enjoyed every single zero in the Yankees scorecard. Everybody go now and kiss Randy Johnson's feet.

Also saw "Girl, Interrupted" because I had to see Angelina, and ended up depressed for some reason.


Friday, October 26, 2001
Augh. I'm full. And now I have a hineous headache. I want to go home and sleep until Sunday.

I want chocolate cheesecake. I have to go pick up a white dress shirt for tomorrow. I must give Jan her present today.

Rented A.I. and Memento for the weekend, although I don't know exactly when I'll see them. ::groan::

I'm becoming a Bejeweled bitch. Very fast.


Because I like to copy these things from other people's blogs <.looks innocently @ Rina>:

~ * Your Magic Fairy's Name * ~

Columbine Auroraspider
Behaviour: An energy bringer.
Seen When: Only when the dry seed cases pop.
Habitat: In mushroom fields and quiet meadows.

I like me! <.giggle>

: : miggie : : spoke @ 12:22 PM :*: ::



"Joey Fatone Jr. and Lance Bass of 'N Sync (along with their On the Line co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui) wave from their car as they act as grand marshals at Disney-MGM Studios' Stars and Motor Cars parade at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla."

That image's from People.com.

: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:05 AM :*: ::


Boy, your fantasies have come true


A Britney blow-up doll. My eyes! My eyes!

Not that it's unexpected, but, you know. Ew. I wonder if she'll sue or something. LOL.

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I never saw Gloria Gaynor last night, because I waited for her to show up until 2 am and sing her black ass on a show that started at 9 pm. I'm so angry and sad about that. I went there and spent like $40 to see her and then I couldn't see her because it was way too late for us to stay. The greates thing is that at 2 am, they were gonna make some fashion show thing, have someone else perform, and *then* she would show up. Bastards. She must have shown up at 4 am or something, if she did at all. I feel bad because I dragged my pals from the office with me to see her, and they even go home before I did. It was all a big ball of disappointment, and even when I know it wasn't my fault, I still feel bad.

Anyway -- the good things: I felt as if I was in the middle of a QaF episode. Coolness. Even when the place paled in comparison of Babylon, there were enough gay men to make me feel at home. LOL. The place was a zoo, I swear. Too many species, too little time. There was a great group of guys where Amny and I were waiting, and they were squealing like little girls when they started playing Diana Ross and the Village People. I laughed so much. <.g>

Oh, Divine ("call me Gay-nor"). He was FANTASTIC. What a performance he made last night. He saved the night, IMO. His vvoice was flawless, his attitude was sassy and flirty, he played the audience and everybody loved him. That's waht I call talent and charisma onstage. So thank you, honey, for saving the day.

Of course I'm all achy and tired today. My feet hurt, my neck is screaming in pain, and my legs are wobbly. Will that stop me from going to powerbike today? Nuh-uh, baby. I may fall down from that damn bike, but today's Jan's birthday, and damn it if I'm not going to be there. Plus, we have Groove Armada to give as gift. Life can't get much better than that. Well, it can, but you know what I mean.

On top of it all, I'm in a melancholy kick because I miss my boyfriend so much. And I need him to give a big hug and sweet kiss right now. =( Of course, listening to my selection of Romantic, Yet Depressing Tunes in MP3 is not helping me at all, but I'm masochistic like that.

On the pop front, Vale sent some beautiful JC pics yesterday, and Constance is having serious Lance/Emmanuelle issues. Her illness is called, as she says, Lanuelle. LMAO.

I tried to put this picture on today's news recap at work, but it was old and unjustified <.g>, so I had to put this one for the guys. Eh. She looks pretty, though.

I just read that Kenneth Branagh will be Gilderoy Lockhart on the next HP movie. And here I was still hoping for Hugh Grant. But I'm sure he'll be fantastic.

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Thursday, October 25, 2001
Well, we just got back from lunch. Yeah, that's right. It's almost 3 o' clock, and we should have been here before 2. Oh well. I hope nobody gets chewed. We went to pick our togas for Saturday's party (yay!) and had a yummy Mexican lunch. I'm also getting very ready for tonight. I saw Gloria gaynor this morning on a TV show and... wow. Coolness. Although I think I'm gonna be squealing for Divine, you know?

In al cases, they were saying that the hotel's salon where the thing's gonna be has been transformed into a huge Studio 54 kinda thing. Can you imagine that? Ooooh. Let's hit the dancefloor, baybee. Tee hee.

Ow. My biceps hurt. Maybe it was because we not only made an hour of powerbike, but also a whole hour of Latin dance class with Lindberg, who HAS to be the man with the BEST ASS EVER? My God, it's distracting. You should see the way this man moves, it's sinful. Your eyes just go to his ass out of their own volition. Of course he knows we're watching him, and of course he comes where we are and shake that booty good beside us. It's too much. You really have to fight the urge to grab him right then and there. Then you start having dirty thoughts and you have to fan yourself. It's so pathetic. But then, you haven't seen THAT piece of ass.

Then, yes, we stayed with Felipe for a while because he primised he'd play NIN for us. So he put "Closer" and somehow we still managed to rock on and move with energy. We must have been on a high or something. <.giggle>

Oh yeah. Droopy was around ALL NIGHT LONG. Powerbike? Check. He was watching from the cafeteria. Dance? Check. He was watching from the door. And Fusion? Check. You will not belive it, but he moved away from the door after we got out of the class. I just wish he would, you know, SPEAK to me or something. Not that I'd lead him on or anything, but damn, dude. I feel stalked here. LOL.

Well, must go and get something done this afternoon. Blogspot is being A BITCH and not showing my blog, and I KNOW it's because of them. I have no programming errors in the page. But I'll still update it. I'm stupid like that.


Wednesday, October 24, 2001
Ah, the joys of phone sex...


Joey was on Howard Stern this morning. That's all I'll say. The recap is here, courtesy of Popdirt.com, which is going right up in my bookmars as we speak. The Justin fingers thing was just GROSS. Ew.

Who knew? Man, they're SO in love.

And well, I am surprised, and stiull don't know what to make of this.

Your past life diagnosis:

* I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere in the territory of modern North China around the year 1075. Your profession was that of a digger, undertaker.

* Your brief psychological profile in your past life: Revolutionary type. You inspired changes in any sphere - politics, business, religion, housekeeping. You could have been a leader.

* The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation: Your lesson is to learn humility and faith in spiritual principles. You should believe in higher reasons.

Taken from here.

Kate, I'll hate you forever for pointing me out to addictive long fic. I need to sleep, yet I stay awake until 2 am reading. I'm, however, 5 chapters away from the end. At least Miranda and JC know how to keep readers interested by making out like there's no tomorrow. <.giggle>

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I had written a beautiful, long and detailed entry, but then, as the fucking moron that I am, I kicked the plug and the computer shut down. I lost the whole damn thing.

I hate myself.


Tuesday, October 23, 2001

I have my Queer As Folk, On The Line and Alicia Keys CDs on my hands. I'm a happy peanut.


Okay, you know what? I'm gonna have to stop going buying coffe in the shop across the street. The Cute Guy is being too cute and nice with me, and that makes me nervous. Somehow I think I'm being too obvious when I see him. And I only wanna see his cuteness, no more. Am I sending the wrong signals? Help.

Last night I started reading this fic, Sometimes I Wish. It's awlfully long, but good. Even when the girl who wrote it has serious comma issues, the story's too interesting. And although the fact that the main gal in the story, Miranda Hill, writes fic and that's gonna bite her in the ass in the end, it's okay. The author did great outlines for her original characters, and I must say that she gave the guys their voices. Nice.

Of course, I started reading at 11:30 pm, after the Yankees - Mariners game ended. So that means I'm still behind on my sleep. And I have to recover those hours before Thursday, becuase I don't know what time the Gloria Gaynor thing will end, and I don't want to be a zombie on Saturday for Jessica's party. And damn, I want to look cute on my Hogwarts student costume.

And Fuck the Fucking Yankees. Will those BASTARDS ever lose? Damn, just give them a platinum MLB trophy ir something so they can let someone else win, my God.

Man, Meredith has such a beautiful voice...


Monday, October 22, 2001

Well, what do you know? I went for coffee again this afternoon. I tell you, that boy is good-looking. <.g>

Oh, God. I'm addicted to OutSmart with Joey ad Lance -- it's too cute for words. And can I say that even when I've played the damn thing like 10 times this morning just to hear their voices, I outsmarted them the first time? Yeah. Go me. <.g>

Anyway, the weekend was somewhat moved -- going shopping on Saturday to get Jessica's and Jan's bithday gifts (a Badtz-Maru hoodie and Groove Armada's "Vertigo", respectively), as well as a few other things. I got a couple nice CDs like Gloria Gaynor's and Kool & The Gang's Greatest Hits. Boy, those are good. And I also got around to read the third part of Kate's fic. Goodness. :)

And since we couldn't get the Gryffindor and Slytherin crests embroidered for out costumes, we bought self-adhesive sheets. The crests were printed out on the Super Cool Laser Printer and they look bitchin'. So everything's mostly set on that front.

I also went to bed at 3:30 am this morning because those MTV bastards promised they'd broadcast the NY *and* DC concerts. But they only aired the NY one. So I would have been able to sleep, anyway. Argh. And of course, Atlanta lost yesterday, and the Yankees are on their way to the World Series, too. I just hope that, if they win it again, they have a VERY hard time with Schilling and Johnson.

So, given that I couldn't *see* the guys last night, I found some pictures. The first one is so cute. Aww. I [heart] JC. Man, are those curls outta control or what? LOL.

And look at this pic.

Joey: Look at those arms. That man was made for hugging. Hubba, hubba.
JC: Don't ask me why, but he looks strange. Oh yeah. It's the clothes. He looks NORMAL.
Lance: "Look at me. I'm so sexy I can't even contain myself. I pose like a pro."
Justin: ::weeps:: The fro is growing, man. I'm scared.
Chris: Chris is too cute. And I'm starting to grow fonder of that weirdo goatee.

Just because, Yummy Richie.

10-4. Gym time!


Wow. The Sandwich Guy from the place across the street is really, really, really cute. I feel a puppy crush coming. But he's so nice and lovely. ::sigh::
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Friday, October 19, 2001

Aw shit. Now I'm gonna be looking for *NSYNC beanie babies on eBay, too.


Lookie! It dices, it slices... it's the blog of my dreams!

By the way, tonight Curt Schilling pitches against John Burkett. Boy oh boy. That game's gonna be good, methinks.

Powerbike Class with Jan: T minus 50 minutes.



Aaahh... Betzy just came by the office and brought Angely with her... ::sigh:: that baby's SO GORGEOUS! She was all cooey and laughing and being the most lovely baby ever. I love her so much. I still smell like baby. Aww... I want one, dammit! But in a few years.

I can't believe it. I'm desperate to go to the gym. I'm falling asleep and drooling all over myself, and all the music I've listened to today reminds me of my beloved powerbike class. What a brainwashing, my friends.

Turns out that Jessica's Halloween party (you know, the one where we have to wear costumes) is next Saturday, not tomorrow, thank God. So Amny, Rosa, Maigua and I decided we were going as Hogwarts students. We'll rent togas and get the four Houses crests embroidered on little black patches we can sew. We still haven't decided who's gonna be in each house, but I bet everyone will fight for Gryffindor. D'uh. I can get Ravenclaw. All the tests I've made tall me I'm a Ravenclaw Hermione, so I might as well try to show it off.

Of course, I told them they had to wear black pants (NOT jeans!) and black shoes, and that since they didn't want to wear a white shirt with a colored tie that matches the House you're in (we would look so pretty!), they would have to wear at least a color-matching shirt underneath, since our necks will be showing.

Amny's going out tomorrow to see if she can find the brooms and materials to make the wands with. I was looking for magic wands on the web and sheeeeit! Have you seen all the cool Harry Potter stuff they have @ Spiegel.com? Man, I'm suffering here. I want that electronic wand.

Anyway, let's see how everything turns out. Since Amny's husband and Rosa's fiancee will be there too, we're trying to convice them to go dressed as Hogwarts students, too. Although I was thinking Jose Manuel could go as Snape (because Amny has the coolest wig for that) and Carlos as Quirrell. They would look so cute... let's see if their women can convince them.

Can you believe we're going through all this for an 11-year-old's birthday party? My goodness.

Talking about being 11 years old: I won the auction! Make no mistake: I'm gonna be the most looked at in work meetings. Do I care? Nope.

But I do wonder when did I get boring. Not so long ago I took the Gay Test at thespark.com, and I had potential. But today I took this one, and look what it said to me:

You scored 50

Your lesbianity level is poor. Maybe you're repressed. Maybe you're scared. Maybe you're a gay man. Or maybe you're just hetero. Remember: never say never.

Dude. I'm a gay man. That's why I was so excited with last week's episode of QaF. Tonight's the season finale and I can't wait to see what happens. I need to read some Brian/Justin fic to get me through the months to come until the next season starts.

Last, but not least, you should read this parody. It's pure, undiluted genius.


From today's "Ask Constance" on NdD:

>>* Is it true that JC and Bobbie are no longer together?
Yes ma'am.

Well, I can't say these news are actually *good* (because I know it must be difficult to get over a relationship that lasted over two years), or unpredictable (since they were more on and off than a switch), but I'm glad that JC's gonna be able to be free for a while and breathe. And maybe think about finding the woman he *deserves* to have by his side.

I'm sorry, but I never liked Bobbie.



The goddamn Yankees won again. Bastards. Jesus, one would think Seattle wouldn't get their asses kicked after the wonderful season they had all year. I'm out of hope already, but boys, all I ask of you is: don't let them do the sweep. Please.

Anyway. As usual, I went to bed last night very late, which is the reason why I've been yawning since I woke up. It's terrible. I got home at 11 because I went to see "A Knight's Tale" and didn't get the chance to catch up with Rina and Kate on AIM about their party. Anyway, AKT -- what a great movie. I was prepared to hate it, because everybody seems to have the hots for Heath Ledger and I tend to dislike the guys everybody likes (Justin, anybody?). This is not to say that I got out of there head over heels for the man, but I kinda liked him. However, the best thing about the movie were the secondary characters. They had such great personalities, and even when you really didn't have that much background information about them, they were so well written and played you couldn't help but love them. Except Jocelyn. What a way to keep alive the damsel in distress cliche. What a bitch. No, really. I disliked her because she was a little spoiled brat to me. She was only good-looking. That's why the knight liked her? Well, d'uh. One would think he would also want a girl with a noble heart. I guess all men are the same, after all.

Oh, the music was very cool. All that 70's rock in the backgound made my heart grow fonder of the decade I was born in. Great stuff. I'd gladly go see it again.

There's this Spanish Film Festival in town, too. I wanna go see "El Espinazo del Diablo," but it seems we're playing tag. I can never find it on the teather I think they're playing it. Oh well. Someday soon, I guess.

I finally got Anastacia's CD last night. I want to be cool like her when I grow up.

Oh, and I have a party tomorrow. Amny's daughter is 11, and she's having, get this, a Halloween party. So we have to get costumes and shit. Oh boy. I saw this red wig with horns on it that will probably make it all good. I can make a devil tail and it will be all good in the world, I guess.


Thursday, October 18, 2001


An instant classic.


See how I bat my eyelashes

Yo, I look pretty today.

Because, you see, when I went to get my coffee at the place across the street from my office this morning at 6:40 looking as if I had just got out of bed (which is really accurate, mind you), not only the guy at the cashier was being quite flirty. No no no. The coffee guy told me gorgeous before handing me the latte, and the Painfully Cute Guy That Makes the Sandwiches kept on gazing and smiling at me. I swear, I was blushing. So am I hot or what?

But then, maybe they were all on drugs or really horny. LOL!

Other than that, this morning I'm pretty wasted. I not only did my daily hour of power bike last night at the gym, but I also added an extra hour of dance. All because the new teacher has the greatest ass. Ever. My thighs were burning when we were doing merengue, but I kept on shaking, oh yes. He also put on some samba -- Magalenha by Sergio Mendes -- but I couldn't help dancing like we do on Felipe's class. By the way, his was at 8:30 (right after this one), and he put on a HUGE pou on his face when he saw we weren't going to stay. Oh well.

So, on with Lindberg's (that's the great ass teacher) class. To close, we did some dance and hip-hop thing. And man, did I ever learn something useful. He started moving and simulating a strip tease (which we all had to follow). I tell you, it was Exotic Dancing 101. I learned how to take my top, pants, and underpants off in a sensous way. Not that I actually did it, but hell, at least I know how to improve my skills now.

At the end of the class I was commenting with Maigua and Raque that after all that booty shaking all around, I didn't even got a bill on my waist line. So Lindbeg comes ans says he'll be sure to bring some next class so I won't get disappointed. Ooookay. Rock on, man. I'm game. He hee.

I'm on the verge of winning this auction on eBay for a 2002 *NSYNC engagement planner. I'm such a loser.

Rina, if you're reading this, you MUST tell me how did the party with Lance and Joe go last night. Like, right now.

Well, duty's calling. I wish I was in my bed now.

PS: Go Braves! Heee.


Wednesday, October 17, 2001
Rosa brought me a gorgeous Disney mug from her trip to Orlando. And a big purple EZ Squirt. I love her.

Lastly, on a TMI note absolutely uncalled for, it seems I'll be romping in Harry Potter sheets soon. How kinky.


Today's October 17. That means I need to do something. Ahem.

Happy 30th Birthday, Chris!

May you have a great day, my man. ::hugs imaginary Chris::

Now that I've scared you with that, I have to tell you that I'm still feeling the pain from yesterday's loss. So yeah, Maddux lost his game. But damn, the only way you could get a hit off Randy Johnson was with a goddamn door. He pitched the whole 9 innings, can you believe that? Anyway, the second game is tonight, so I keep my hopes up.

One more thing: GO SEATLLE! Kick some Skankee ass today.

In other ideas, I must tell you these exciting news.


Oh my fucking God, I'm gonna see Gloria Gaynor next Thursday!


Yay! He hee. She's gonna be here next week here to make a special presentation in the Radisson hotel. It's gonna be a whole Disco Night thing. Even Divine's gonna be there singing. Somehow I managed to convince four of my coworkers to go with me, since Tate's NEVER gonna make it here on a Thursday... too bad, because she would ahve been perfect for the ocassion. I'm gonna have so much fun that day.

I also got my VIP ticket for the Franco De Vita - Ruben Blades concert on 11/16. Coolness.

Constance also made me a VERY happy woman with these gorgeous pictures from the "Gone" photoshoot. I love Herb Ritts. There are also individual shots of the guys: see JC, Joey, Lance, Chris and Justin.

I also found a studly OTL pic, and the very definition of cheesy. I felt embarrassed for the both of them.

Now, for your entertainment:

Who says white boys can't dance? LMAO.

::falls over laughing::


Well, since all the cool kids are doing it...


-- Click Here To Take The Test --


Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I have my computer back, I'm so happy! Can you believe I had 6 days without my baby for a repair that took 5 minutes? Makes me wanna kill someone. ::sigh::

Anyway, downloading mp3's like a maniac has helped me come with yesterday's losses. I was so sad for the Indians, but damn it, they didn't want to win. And I won't even get into the A's, because they were played like morons last night. And I'm sorry for Jason Giambi, because damn, he wanted to beat the Yankees badly, as I'm sure Mike Mulder did. Fuck the fucking Yankees, indeed. GO MARINERS. He hee.

Anyway, The Braves are starting the NLCS today, and I couldn't be happier, because my beloved Greg Maddux is gonna be on the mound in just a couple minutes. I'm so excited! And Arizona's pitcher is this guy whatshisname Johnson or something. I'm sure he's some rookie.

It's gonna be a great game. I'm off -- it's SO great to have a TV in the office.


Monday, October 15, 2001

So yeah, my computer's fucked.

It all happened last Thursday, when I couldn't turn the thing on. I moved ans switched cables, kicked and cursed, and nothing. Then the guy from IT told me the power sourde died. Oh great. Today's Monday, and I'm still waiting for them to go and get my machine. I'm homeless. I have to do this with a borrowed computer. Hell, I say.


Tate was supposed to come here Thursday night and spend all weekend with us, but a family gathering on Friday had to delay her trip until Saturday. But she missed her 9.30 flight and had to wait ALL afternoon on the airport for a fly out. She never made it here because very flight was packed. I was so disappointed.


Peggy's b-day was on Friday. But since I had to go out all day I never got the chance to send her a card or an e-mail. So I called her Saturday afternoon. That was extremely cool, because we had never spoken in the phone before. We were squealing like kids for a good 10 minutes. Tee hee.


I spent a huge portion of Friday's evening speaking to Fabi on the phone. We were origianlly making plans for Tate's stay, but we ended up making plans for next year. You see, Fabi went to Madrid and Paris for two weeks in September, and even when it was a thrill to be in Europe, The Family From Hell made the trip something close to a nightmare. So of course she started telling me about the wonderful things she saw beyond the museums and the usual touristic sights. I was positively daydreaming. So we decided we should all make a trip to Paris next year. October, to be precise. I'm pretty excited with the idea, I must admit. The thing is, will the rest of the guys be as excited and commited to save the money, too? Damn. I hope so.


Meli called from Austin Saturday night. To my cell phone. She thought we were all hanging out with Tate. Eeh.


Rina and Kate got VIP passes for the On The Line party that's going to be held in Chicago next Wednesday! Yay! I SO hope they have a great time and have the chance to meet Lance and Joey. Can you imagine? How exciting! May I add that Richie Sambora will probably be there too, since he's in the movie too? Oh my God. Not to mention the possibilities of JC showing up. Talk about having self control being in the vicinity of that man. Oh boy. I can-t wait to get all the good gossip. Hehe. Hopefully the both of them will wear killer outfits, so everyone will drool as soon as they step in. Lance will be yours, my lovely Rina. Hee hee.

Oh, I SO need to get back that feedback file on Kate's fic. :-/


I must have spent one hour writing down the lyrics for the Spanglish version of "Gone" yesterday. I have to admit I was somehow disappointed with it. In comparison to "Yo te Voy A Amar," Justin sounded like Jon Bon Jovi in there. Ugly stuff. And although he tried, he didn-t sound as good as he did in English. Not that the lyrics in Spanish helped that much. I could have done a MUCH better work. But the sad thing is, I still like it. In fact, I sent the lyrics to Lindsey, Nic, Heather and Sal. And of course, to my girl Constance, who must be the funniest woman alive. You should have seen the Britney animations she made from "I'm a Slave 4 U" caps. Lordy. He hee.


The Braves won. All is good in the world.

Arizona beat St. Louis last night. God Bless Tony Womack and Curt Schilling.

Now, the AL is another thing. Somebody explain to me how did the fucking Yankees tied the fucking series after being down 0/2. taht-s just unbelievable. Somebody cheer up the A's so they can beat those old asses tonight. Mulder, my love, I have faith in you. Clemens will pull a muscle, I'm sure.

Same with the Indians. Exactly WHAT happened yesterday with Bartolo Colon? Even my grandma got a double off him, jeez. It's the Mariners you're playing with, not the Rangers, for God's sake. Get it together, because I do not want to see you guys losing again. My man Vizquel MUST go to the World Series so he can be an MVP. Please.


So my boyfriend's in Florida. Add that anthrax shit to the mix, and you'll have a very, very worried Miggie. Of course he's fine, but I'm still worried. I want his ass here. :-/

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Sunday, October 14, 2001
For lack of a better expression, I have to say HOLY SHIT.

Wet is Good. I can even see a bit of an afterglow there. Ooh.

A substatial update tomorrow, if my computer at work gets a repair, that is. I'm miserable.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2001
Okay, so Maru went with me to check out the tattoo parlors on my lunch break. It was weird. You see, these three places are in the same area, and they know each other. So they kept on asking me how much the other had asked me to pay for the tattoo I wanted. It was like eBay -- live.

Let's weigh the pros and cons:

- Via Satelite: The guy who'll do me looks professional (and hot!) and has done nice tattoos, but he wants to do it in grey instead of color.

- 2° Acto: Too exensive, and the guy wants to make it about 8 inches long. Insane.

- Mithos Tattoo: WAY too expensive, but they have experience on their side. And the girl receptionist had the Powerpuff Girls on her forearm. Cute.

- Clinic Tattoo: My favorite so far. Good price, but the tatoo won't be THAT big (about 4 inches), and he'll amke it in color. I can see the tattoo guy from the outside too, the place looks clean and nice, and the tattoo portfolio is great.

- Soul Tattoo: Nice work, but I didn't like the place. It was a dark, scary hole. Ew.

I still need to check out Balinesse Tatoo before I make a decision, though. But I'm excited. Hehe.

On a dark, sad note: I want chocolate, but I don't have coins for the damn machine. Help me.


Good God. Wow. I take back everything bad I've said about this man. He IS sexy. Ooooh.

JC? Who's JC?



Today I'm going to do some tattoo research with Maru on my lunch break. Since I need a third and fouth opinion in coloring, size and prices, she'll know where to take me.

I just hope I'm back in time to actually have some lunch and watch the baseball game. I'm on Braves withdrawal here. I missed Maddux pitching yesterday! I'll never forgive myself.

I wonder if La Flaca came back from her trip? I miss her already. Must drag her back to the gym, which by the way, was a killer yesterday. Felipe's class was TOUGH. I don't understand. I make a whole month of super-difficult powerbike and I feel like the Gym Goddess, the I go to ONE fusion dance class and I'm all achy. I don't get it. Anyway, I'll stay true to form and do powerbike today with Jan. Yay! I'll also be more careful of my surroundings and check out the machines instructor that Maigua says has a crush on me. Maybe I'll get a chance to look at the Swedish God. Hehe. It's the Nike pants, I say!

Must go -- my 11:30 appointment is here!

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Yay for Scullypic! I'm really looking forward to learn something and put it to good use. I can make you prettier, my lovely blog. ::giggle::


Tuesday, October 09, 2001
I need to improve my love letter-writing skills greatly. I suck at it. I go from being an iceberg to writing smut. I just can't write the mushy stuff. I can't fucking do it. It's not that I can't feel mushy, but I feel uncomfortable getting that on paper. I rather call and say things, not writing them down. It makes me feel naked.

Yeah, I'm weird. Whatever.


Dude, I hope that's the face you made when you looked at yourself in the mirror yesterday and realized you need a haircut NOW.



1) "Joshtin for Life." LMAO.

2) One I hadn't seen in here.

3) Good looking trio: Lance, Joey & Emmanuelle @ yesterday's OTL signing on NYC.

4) Very nice, Lance. But I'd rather have you like this. Oh yeah.

5) Last, but NEVER least, JC's pictures from the "What's Going On?" photoshoot. Here you have him up, up against the wall:

And you can also see him standing up, showing his back, with his arms crossed and wearing a FDNY t-shirt.



I [heart] Joe

Last night I got the cutest Joey pic EVER:

When I see him smile like that, my heart grows fonder.

Then, today I listen to the first cut of Joey's solo "Ready To Fall" from the On The Line Soundtrack, thanks to the wonderful, wonderful people @ MYGiRLS.ORG, and I'm gone.

I hereby state that I officialy am in wuv with Joey. ::giggle::

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Monday, October 08, 2001
Okay, I need help. I'm in a wild mood swing. I just heard "On The Line" for the 1,298th time today, and NOW it gets to me. I'm crying. No, really. I'm a big hormone.



Lookie! Purty Harry Potter pics from The Spellbinder!


Okay. So Anna made this beautiful JC manipulation, where she gives him wings. Gorgeous shit. Look at it.

Then, there's my tatoo:

Oooo. Spooky.



Amny found out that her 11 year-old, Jessica, has a very good male friend. She's freaking out, although it's all probably puppy love.

The Internet is such a nice place for feeding your obsessions! I just found the On The Line mp3 in here. All you need to do is rename it to zip, the unzip and be merry. The lyrics are here, courtesy of the lovely Tiara @ lance.nu. Can I say that Lance does a little rap in the song that is totally phone sex? Woah. Me likes him muchly.

At the left, a new OTL button, that fits nicely with my color scheme.

Think Madonna singing "Vogue". Think about the video, the movements, the "strike a pose" thing, and then look at this animation. Greta Garbo and Monroe, Dietrich and DiMaggio...

I'm feeling very, very mushy today. I don't know what's up with me. I need some lovin'. ::sigh::

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Some people say Justin is evil, but this is ridiculous. Notice how chirpy is JC. ::giggle::
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::clears throat:: Ahem.


1) I may get a tee with this on. Isn't that scary?

2) "I get arooooound, I get aroooound... woooo hooo... wooo hooo..."

3) If your wedding cake looks like this, you may want to get some therapy.

4) Teen Vogue made sucha great job. Look, they're MEN.

5) Joey wants to suck Chris' ass. Literally.

6) I read a shash fic like this not so long ago.

7) Look! It's Sigfried and Roy!

8) They're wearing leather and looking slashy. What's not to love?

9) What is that, Joe? A mullet? Aiiieee!

10) Joey hotness. Ride me cowboy. Grrr. Not that it would be hard to convince him...

11) "Yeah, baby. I love you too."

12) Bad, BAD hair.

13) Even bored he loks fuckable. I hate him.

14) Meredith and Lance are going to the prom! How cute.

15) Dreamy White Boy (tm)

16) Oh, my eyes! Have you seen Queer As Folk? I swear Justin looks like one of Babylon's go-go dancers.

17) I'm pimpin', yo.

18)I absolutely LOVE this picture, pineapple and all. I'm sad.

19) This picture is SO wrong in SO many levels.

20) ::THUD:: Wow. Lance, JC, you're welcome in my room ANYTIME.




Oh yeah, I do. Where's Venezuela? I don't know. Don't let people fool ya: there aren't any brunette, cafe-au-lait people in here. We're all ridiculously blond with crystal blue eyes. That's the only reason I can fathom after finding the ugliest traffic jam I've seen in YEARS at 6:30 am. Let me explain. The bright, beautiful sun had come up, and you could see it clearly from the highway. And nobody seemed to know what sunglasses are for, because they were all driving slowly, squinting their blue, sensitive eyes. People, COME ON. You drive thhrogh this goddamn highway every single day of your life, and you slow down because of the SUN? Give me a break.

Okay. Let's forget about the turds in traffic. Let's talk about the boys who made me laugh. This is from an *NSYNC interview with Worldpop:

worldpop: Who do you look up to?
Chris: Everybody over 5ft 9in.

worldpop: What's the best thing about being in music?
Joey: Free candy and ice cream!

And just to prove The Fatones are a rare breed of perverts, Constance informed that Steve was seen sporting a t-shirt that said: "The Head Foundation -- please give generously." Good God.

This is too cute for words! Awww. I want one.


Sunday, October 07, 2001
I woke up extremely late today, at 3:00 pm. I reccomend not to do this. It's like having a hangover without the benefits of alcohol the night before.

To make things even better, I turn on the TV and see today's news. Great. Just great. Bring on the paranoia.

And the Emmys were cancelled again. Do these people have bad luck or what? Geez.

On a happier note, I'm proud of Mr. Barry Bonds. Attaboy. 73 homeruns, my man. I bow.

And thanks for the memories, Cal. You'll be missed.

Yesterday I went out with Marge, Nella and Maru, since it has been a long time since we last saw each other. Had a great time, especially after Nella saw her b-day present. She was excited! Aww. Maru gave her this beautiful cotton shirt that she'll probaly use for her trip to Miami next week. When asked what I wanted as a late birthday present, I said I wanted a Barbie. The *NSYNC #1 Fan Barbie. I heard gasps all over the place. ::giggle::

We also saw this 1997 movie, Cube. I was SO freaked out by it. I cannot even watch Rubik's cube the same way again. On the way out we saw on the "coming soon" wall a poster for "The House of Mirth". I think I squealed in joy.

Also had a nice IM chat last night with Kate, with whom I'll make a cool trade: she'll het me the Supercool *NSYNC Watch (tm Kate), and I'll get her N The Mix. Whee! I can't wait!

Also did a bit of IM with Rina, who was watching Buffy's premiere again, despite the fact she had seen it earlier this week. Can't say I haven't done the same before. ::giggle::

Last, but not least, checked out the new promo pics at The X-Files OS. Wow. They all look smashing. And Gillian is long-haired now. Too bad all I could think of was how badly I miss DD in those. ::sigh::

Must go now -- I promised to myself I would try to make these sexy highlights on my hair. I hope I don't end up bald. Wish me luck.


Friday, October 05, 2001
Be afraid, be VERY afraid

Oh my God, no. Justin is growing the 'fro back! Please... don't, Jup. I'm on my knees here. This picture was taken yesterday.

I'm about to open the "KEEP THE PEACH FUZZ ALIVE!" campaign. Get a haircut NOW, man.


I think I'm in love with Rina. This is part of her post in today's Scullyfic topic. LMAO.

I'm assuming most towns have adult education programs that offer fun and informative courses -- Tap Dancing for Beginners, The World of Forensice Medicine, Auto Maintenance for Dummies, etc. If we set up the Scullyfic Adult Education Program, what class would you volunteer to teach?

How about, "Nsync: Find Your Best Match"? I'm also up for "Translating Buffy Speak 101" and "How To Maintain Self-Respect As An Adult Nsync/Harry Potter Fan." LOL.


Aw. Look at the On The Line soundtrack cover. Joey looks so cheesy. LMAO.

By the way, if you're going to pre-order this item like me (hey, it's got a new track by Richie Sambora in there, too!), I reccomend Amazon.com. It's a dollar cheaper there than in most places, unless you want to try in Buy.com (I've never bought there), where they're selling it for $13.99 (a buck less than Amazon).

My preorder is done, thankyouverymuch, and I just got "Vertigo" by Groove Armada. I'm obsessed with Groove Armada, but before buying their latest, I think I should have this one first.


From the article "Bloodhound Gang Working On New Album With 'NSync In Mind" on CDNow:

Would he worry that his young fans would be corrupted by the Bloodhound Gang's bona fide dirty pop? "So what? Good!" J.C. Chasez dismissed.

Wicked. I'm in love.


I just bought a Harry Potter sticker book. It's SO lovely! It has tons of little stickers with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hedwig, snitches, magic wands, potions, books... ::sigh:: I'm 10 years old. I'm so happy.


Yay! I'm going to Crépes & Waffles for lunch today with Amny and Maigua. I have such a HUGE craving for a Mediterranean Salad it's not even funny. I guess I should start to get acquainted with the salads, because we're (that's Maigua, Raquel and I) about to hire Jeanette as our personal trainer at the gym! I'm pretty excited about that. We have to go to the drugstore and get into this machine that tells you how much you weigh (I feel a depression coming), what's your blood pressure, everything. I guess it even gives you your DNA map. Anyway, we have to get this little paper from the machine, and give it to Jan today with a letter in which we're asking her to be our trainer. She's told us repeatedly that she's a pain in the ass with the exercise routines and the diet, but hell, if I want to look like her, I have to do it. I'm gonna be so much hotter in a year (believe me, I'm not in a hurry), I'll give J-Lo a run for her money. LMAO.
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TGIF -- hell, yeah

I had the worst night and awakening ever. It seems I slept like a pretzel, because my arms are all achy and sore. And it wasn't because of the 1,567,309 push ups we did on powerbike last night, I really slept on a bad position. On top of that, the alarm didn't go off amd my mother had to wake me up. At 6:02 am. Yikes. Of course, I was crabby and had a very shitty face. I had to work out a 10-minute Christina Aguilera makeup so people wouldn't notice my dark circles that much. Bleh.

Onto happier topics, today is my man's birthday. Have a great one, baby, I love you.

Secondly, Barry Bonds RULES! I scremed so much last night I have a hoarse throat today. You know, I've been bitching all the Astros' pitchers this week (especially last night) for being a bunch of pussies and not throwing a strike to the man. So yeah, a big black dude was going to break the homeruns record made by the all-american boy McGwire. GET OVER IT. It took a rookie with some balls like my homie Wilfredo Rodríguez to throw a fearless fastball. So Bonds hit it with all he was worth. So what? The man deserved to tie that record. I hope he's able to score a couple more home runs, too.

You can watch Barry Bonds hit the 70th HERE.

Enough sport chat for today. Let's get into Must Be Pop now.

Did I mention Krystal and Howie are getting married, too? My god, is wedding mania in the popstars land. Joey and Chris had a few problems, but it looks like they're fine now -- they're moving together and getting a dog! Aw. I just hope Busta (who ALSO has a LJ now) doesn't get too jealous. But things are not that good for JC and Lance now. After that lucsious vacation they had, it seems thay can't talk to each other. Don't get me wrong, they still fuck like bunnies, but they're having communication problems. I hope they work things out, because, damn, if those two can't be happy, nobody can.

Oh, and Angelina Jolie has a Live Journal! You should read her posts. The woman is just perfect. And it seems that Tony Lucca has been mesmerized by the woman. I know what it feels like, buddy.

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Thursday, October 04, 2001


How devilish and cool can Noel Gallagher be on a single interview? Aw, bollocks. I love that man.

Good God, I've had too much to eat today. After a generous brakfast and a mid-morning snack of chocolate chip cookies, I had a HUGE lunch, including two of these yummy bread-like thingies with garlic that Bachi gave me. THEN, since today's Eli's birthday, we had this huge snack thing on the afternoon. We ate little doughnuts, a yummy apple pie, a strawberry cake that was delicious... ugh. I'm so full I'm gonna roll, I swear. And they had the guts to give me not one, not two, but FIVE lollipops for "the sweet tooth." I was like, "have you actually SEEN my ass?" I don't need more candy, people. I need two hours of powerbiking today. However, it seems I have lost weight after all. Three people told me today I looked thinner. How cool is that? Ivonne, Raquel and even the company's president (aka my boss) told me. Happy happy, joy joy!

Oh yeah, one of our interns came to my office this afternoon to help me get some things together for Eli's party, when she noticed my little *NSYNC shrine. She was like "Oh, you're an *NSYNC fan? Wow." Yeah, I'm an old bag, and I like them, is there a problem with that?!? Then she proceeded to drool all over Justin on MY poster. "Isn't he THE cutest one?" I gagged. I couldn't help it. God, I'm such a bitch.

It seems last night's West Wing ep was very good. I can't wait to see it, damnit! The series' premiere on WB is on the week of November 4. That's a whole month away to avoid spoilers. This is very, very bad.

And I'm such a perverted person. I'm so damn dirty, the first thing I saw on this animation (made by my beloved Constance) was that, eh, rhythmic hand movement. I'm ashamed of myself, really. Do you see it, too? Please say you do.


Stealing Lance's survey:

1. If there were 3 wells (love, beauty and creativity) and you could only drink from one, which would it be?

Definitely love. You can never have enough of it.

2. With problems, whom do you run to?

I tend to solve my problems by myself, no matter how bad they are. They're my problems, after all. My late great-grandmother is always helpful to me when I'm desperate. However, if I'm in deep, deep shit, I ask the living for some help too: my friend Tate and my mom.

3. Which finger is your favorite?

His right thumb. ::moan::

4. What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?

A worm in a bottle of Mezcal.

5. Would you kill someone?

Given extreme circunstances, I think I would.

6. If yes, why?

To defend myself or someone I love.

7. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play the lead?

Jeanine Garoffalo.

8. Do you like your handwriting?

Yes, it's quite nice, thank you. Although I'm better with a keyboard, I must admit.

9. Who are you jealous of?


10. What kind of person do you want to marry?

The kind of person I'm in love with.

11. Unluckiness?

I've had my fair share, I guess.

12. What do you put on your sandwiches?

Usually cheese. I'm a cheese person.

13. Do you think people on the Gap commercials are cool?

Not necessarily. Should I?

14. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

I'd be mildly scared of me. But I think I'd win myself over. Did that make sense?

15. Are you a daredevil?

Sometimes. I wish I could be braver more often.

16. How big was the biggest mango you ever ate?

LMAO! It was quite big. Like 10 inches long.

17. Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never repeat?

Hmm... let me think. I think I haven't. But I could be wrong.

18. What do you think is the most attractive animated character?

The whole Spy Groove cast.

19. Do looks matter?


20. Color?

Black and blue.

21. Do you pray?

Not much.

22. Are you trendy?

I try to be, but I'm more on the fashion victim side.

23. What do you do to prevent anger?

a) I take a deep breath and try to let it slide or b) run away from the anger source and do some mental hygiene until my mimnd is calm and cool again. It doesn't work like charm every time, but it's worth the try.

24. Who is your idol?

Idol is a very strong word. But I admire Angelina Jolie's obsession with the truth. I bow to her.

25. Who is your second family?

My friends.

26. Do you trust others easily?

I used to, but now it takes quite a while.

27. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My Barbies.


Wednesday, October 03, 2001
I've been on this site for an hour not only making ads and writing cheesy poetry. I've also been sending them to people by e-mail. I NEED to get a life.


This drawing makes me cry.
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Rina reports that there was a cement wall built around the Sears Tower in Chicago to protect it. Overnight. I really don't know what to say about that.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I'm not lying. Look at him. He's all red.

Maybe this was after the Turk & Caicos gig? Can't he get a tan? Come on...



Oooh, I'm in JC heaven.

I heart Anna. So, so much.


I need a good HTML editor! Argh! I'm so html-imapired. I know the codes, but I always forget to put the little "'s. Bleh.


The Highlight of My Day

Go Lance! Go Lance! And Justin's keeping the rhythm, too.

Some people are SO sick. LMAO.


Where has Scullyfic gone? I haven't got a single e-mail today.


CK has on her site "50 things that scare the hell out of me" .

And I'm afraid I was nodding through the entire list. Oh My God. What have I become?!?


Okay, here goes nothing. ::crosses fingers::


Oh, my little blog, I had neglected you for so long! ::hugs blog::

But now I'm back with a vengeance. I'll post so much, my little blog, that you will get sick of me.

Let's see. So many things have happened since Sept. 11. Some good, some bad, some scary. ::sighs:: But I won't get into that, except to say that all my loved ones in the US are alive and well. I guess I'm still in a mild state of denial about this whole thing.


My grandma is 80 today! Yay! I wonder if I should still get her a present or something... I don't know... since we went to the trip last weekend and all. I guess I can buy her a cake, anyway. I'll call her in a while.


- Some bastard is harrassing and threatening Peggy on the phone. She had to put caller ID and block the number, since she doesn't want to have to change her home number after 27 years. Even Mike had to change her answering machine number. Poor Peggy.

- I went to see "Bridget Jones's Diary" last night with Olga and Maigua. Oh Lord. I was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard. It had the right amount of romance and naughtiness. Loved it. And Olga loved her b-day present too, by the way.

- Tate is coming to Caracas next weekend! Yay! I was having withdrawals. I miss her too much.

- Angely must be huge by now. She'll be a month old on Friday. I should go and hug my beautiful niece.

- Rina and Kate are too much fun! I love them. I'm sure that if I didn't have to go to sleep, I could go on chatting non-stop with them until the next day talking about the wonder that is Matthew Time.

- Jane broke up with Ned about a month ago. I'm so bummed.

News of the Pop World

- It seems that Boy Band Five split up. Can't say I'm affected by it, but you know people are gonna start wondering who'll be next. My vote goes to the BSB. I give them 2 more years.

- Today's the taping of the Alejandro Sanz Unplugged on MTV. I can't wait to see how it's gonna sound! They'll have a webcast of the show tonight on MTVLA.com, but my shitty connection at home won't let me watch that, I'm sure. I'll have to wait.

- I SO have to get updated on MBP. It seems Lance's and Wade's ferrets are an item now. Seth proposed to Kelly. And it looks like there was a big community orgy around. But the BIG news is that Wade and Justin are gonna get married in December. Aww.

- *NSYNC's got a new video, "Gone." Caps courtesy of DirtyPopDotCom and banner by moi:

Ooooh... ::drool::

Although it's all Justin, all the time (as if he didn't get enough attention already), it was beautifully shot in black and white by no other than Herb Ritts. The video looks sexy and sleek. I love it. And they ALL look good! ::sigh:: But of course, JC looks like the Greek God he's always been. Black and white becomes him so much.

- Britney's got a new video too, "I'm a Slave 4 U." Hot damn. Here's a cap, courtesy of MyGiRLs.org:

Well, HELLO Brit!

Woah. The video it's all hot and sweaty. You see lots of skin. You see people licking each other. You see Britney panting. I sincerely hope Justin's banging her good, because if he doesn't somebody else will. Hell, even I'd do her.


- I said it before, and I say it now. It seems that when I finally go visit Rafael next year, I won't be sleeping on the sofa.

- I have new office additions. I have a little Hedwig, a spider monkey (whom I lovingly call Chichi), and three mini-posters: one with Hermione, Ron and Harry, another one with the Gryffindor quidditch team, and... shhh. An *NSYNC one. Don't look at me like that! You knew it was coming.


- I got reacquainted with this picture. It's reletively old, from a summer issue of Teen Vogue. But it's good to see it again and remind myself how utterly fuckable Monsieur Chasez is.

- The Quote O' Day: "N'Sync have become Andy Warhol's tomato-soup can. And I can buy into why people dig it." -- GARBAGE's SHIRLEY MANSON.

That should be all for the moment.


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