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Friday, November 30, 2001
Ex-Beatle George Harrison Dies at 58.

What a sad way to start the day. Goodbye, George. You'll be very, very missed.


Thursday, November 29, 2001
I told you so many times that before we did it we had to give it a lot of thought. That this union of us needed body and lust, too; that it wasn't enough that you understood me and died for me, that it wasn't enough for me to refuge myself in you after every failure. And now, you see what happened... after all these years passed by, I caused this tremendous tiredness on you. And even when you're sorry, you have to say it.

As for me, I hoped one day time would take care of the end. If that never happened, I would have still played to make you happy. And even when these tears are bitter, think about all the years you have to live. That my pain is no less than yours and that the worse is that I can't even feel.

And now, we'll have to try and conquer with vain urge this lost time that leaves us defeated, without being able to know that thing they call love to live.


Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Umph. Look at the tongue.

*breaks in a cold sweat*


Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Oooo! One Yankee less. Joy to the world.

And I'm humming "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. Either I've taken too many drugs today, or the apocalypse is just around the corner.

I want my mommy.


My black leather pants from the Gap are on their way. Sex on a stick, Miggie is thy name.


First off, Dawson's Creek's episode last night. I cried my eyeballs out. Why did they have to kill Mitch? You know, they could have found OTHER ways to keep Dawson at home, you know.


These past days have been so hectic and fast and busy and tiresome for me I wonder where I get the energy from. Work has been deadly -- doing all kinds of things from corporate campaigns to organizing the new year brunch and going to this shelter for sick and abandoned children. Time flies by so fast, and I feel the year has gone to hell. I know that deep down inside, I've accomplished more things this year than I have the rest of my life, but then why I feel this emptiness?

The Bad: I let someone make me feel little, insecure and depressed for many days. Made me hate myself all over again in a way I hadn't felt for a very long time. I can't possibly forgive her for doing that to me. On top of that, I had the worst fight with my boyfriend, and it seems we're in a non-speaking term right now. So I'm singing this song from The Wedding Singer, "Kill Me Please."

The Good: Harry Potter Premiere. It's a craze around here. Only one more week until December 5. And I have lots of great friends who buy me the cutest things. That's why now I own a Harry Potter 2002 agenda, a HP lunchbox and a HP sports bottle. Oh, and a HP Hogwarts Beginner's Wizard Set which I adore, because my mom still buys me toys. I love her.

Amny finally sent us the pictures of Jessica's Halloween party. Here you have the main pic of the grown-ups, including (l-r) Carlos, Rosa, Maigua, me (behind Jessica, the spider queen), Amy and Jose Manuel. I hate the fact that, despite the fact I was the cutest and best-dressed Hogwarts student, you can barely see my head. Damn.

Did you see Rina's new layout? Cuteness.

And a gift for my girl Kate, 'cause it's her birthday. She's legal now, people. She can buy a keg of beer for all your frat parties now. Give her a call and it's done.

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Monday, November 26, 2001
God, I'm so depressed. I feel sick, bad, fat and ugly. Why did I wake up this morning? :'(
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Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Oooh. Joey has a new look!

I love it.


I'm lazy today. I don't wanna work. And my boss is giving me so much things to do and translate! Aaaargh.Why, oh why?

We had to go on without internet access fo four hours. I fucking hate out ISP. I'm gonna burn the damn place down one of these days. BUt fortunately, it's up now. And I'm being bad, because instead of doing the news recap, I'm watching Britney's vidcaps from the HBO thing, and -- HOLY CRAP. You haven't seen anything until you've seen that girl like THIS. Wowee. Brit, girl, come to mama. LOL.

Ah, well. There's still work to be done, whether I like it or not.

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Monday, November 19, 2001
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone earned $93.5 million on its first weekend out. Wow.

Other than that, the weekend passed without much action. Apart from the Franco de Vita/Ruben Blades' AWESOME concert on Friday that ended up at 3 a.m., I ended up spending these last two days sleeping and catching up on my TV tapes of the week. The best episodes were The West Wing season opener and Friends, just because of Joey. I wuv Joey. :)

My HBO didn't broadcast Britney's concert last night, for which I'm VERY pissed off. Wanted to see her wardrobe. :-/

And a bunch of great JC pictures I found somewhere out there. I just wish I had taken
this one. Damn, he's screaming post-coital bliss in there.


Friday, November 16, 2001
BlogBack is back.


Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone opens today, and I have to wait two more weeks until it opens here.

By the way, it seems BlogBack has gone to hell.


Dude, I dream in West Wing.

I wake up this morning with the vivid memory of dreaming a West Wing scene. Actually, I dreamt the same scene about five times, but with different camera angles. Go figure that. I can still watch the thing, I swear. So there's Josh and Donna speaking, like in the Air Force One. They're really engrossed with each other (as they should, dammit), and Abby Bartlett is close behind, kinda calling out Josh to tell/ask him something. But Josh is having none of it, because he's talking to Donna, you know. So Abby desists, rolling her eyes. Then Josh kisses Donna, and she's all wide eyed -- but not because he's kissing her, but because they're in the fucking Air Force One, and the First Lady is right behind them, you know.

At this point, Josh is somewhat amused by her reaction -- because he really donesn't give a fuck where they are -- and tells her "Donna, come on, you've got to finish what you started" and goes for her a second time. Believe me, those two making out like horny teenagers look extremely good on the screen. Aaron Sorkin needs to solve this situation soon.

Now, analyzing this dream, I can conclude that:

a) I'm projecting my personal desires, because I miss my boyfriend and I want do do him on a plane
b) I'm projecting my West Wing plot desires, because I want Josh and Donna to make out like horny teenagers
c) I'm just plain horny.

In other news, I'm proud of myself because I'm not tired or sore today. <.g> I did 30 minutes of powerbike last night and 1.5 hours in the machine area, which was extremely cool for many things. First, they had Celebrity on, so I was working out, singing, dancing and acting dorky because *NSYNC was on the speakers. The Buff Guy Who Looks Like Chipper Jones was amused, and I got happy. Our machine trainer was proud because I kept my dignity whan I started to dance along with "Pop," and I swear to God that The Buff Guy Who Digs Me almost creamed his pants when I started singing to him the "does he freak you the way that I do" part in "See Right Through You." LOL. I had a Britney moment there.

The Kratt Brothers Look-A-Likes arrived shortly, and they started with the thigh machine. They were wearing shorts. Damn, I had to bite my towel for dear life -- I wanted to BITE them. As if things weren't hectic enough for my hormones then, a new acquisition to the gym arrived. Do you know these Evan and Jaron brothers? The guys who sing? Well, he looked like one of their lost brothers, but hotter. Good Lord, I love my gym. I swear, I have to take pictures of those men working out.


Thursday, November 15, 2001



The TMI Test, courtesy of the Cocktail Lounge gals. Proceed with caution.

1. Did you have sex within the last three days?

If you mean sex with someone else who's actually there, then no -- my man's out of town. But if phone sex counts, score one for me, please.

2. How many times did you orgasm?

In the last three days? Um, two times.

3. What is the absolute most fave thingie you love about @#%$ that turns you on besides your own orgasm?

Watching his face. The evolution of his features from the smug, knowing smile to the intense, aroused look. When I touch a stubbly, flushed cheek while his eyes are on me, breathing me in and consuming me. When he bites his lower lip, groaning, on the verge. When his jaw goes slack and the muscles on his throat tense. When I feel the heat of his satisfied breaths. That's what turns me on.

4. Do you like sex more the older you get?

Hell, yeah.

5. How loud are you when having sex?

Actually, that depends on where I am. But I tend to be a bit loud sometimes.

6. Are you shy when having sex?

Very ocassionally. And for no apparent reason.

7. What sexual thingie would you like to try that you have never tried before?

The Great Outdoors. I'm too self-conscious to do it out in the open. But I would like to try it -- as long as the place is deserted, and there are no ants on the grass.

8. Do you think you give good oral sex?

Let's see: he moans, he writhes, he pleads, his hips pump, he grabs whatever's close for dear life, and he groans "ohyeahpleasepleasedon'tstop" while his eyes are rolling back. So I assume he's not faking it and that I'm somewhat good. But I've always wanted to reach porn-star levels.

9. Have you ever had wet dreams?

Yeah, all the time. LOL.

10.Have you ever wanted someone so bad you masturbate to the thought of being with them?

God, yes! Who hasn't, really? It's a feeling between extreme pleasure and extreme torture. You feel you're losing control, and maybe that's precisely what triggers the need for release.


It seems that Christie's wants to auction this sketch with Ron and Harry flying to Hogwarts in Mr. Weasley's car on December 6. They expect to fetch 20,000 pounds. Ouch.

And someone get me this book for Christmas.

Or a pony.


Coolness! Yahoo reports there's a meteor shower at the weee hours of Sunday morning. Here are some viewing tips. Okay, I know it's gonna be hard to wake up at 5 am to watch that, but consider this: the next one is due in 2099. You'll probably be dead by then. If that's not an incentive, I don't know what is. <.g>

Anyway, you can head on to NASA, where they have a bash and everything.



OMG! Look, it's the twins at the London HP premiere!


::hyperventilates from excitement::



Wednesday, November 14, 2001
You know, I was browsing through The Onion to post this great infograph. And in the source, I found some interesting meta words.

<.META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="The Onion, Onion, Harry Potter, Clinton, sex, Bill Clinton, Jesus, Bush, comedy, humor, publication, media, news, source, jokes, weekly, magazine, gay, what do you think, Christ, Savage Love, moon, God, Gore, all your base, ninja, fuck, baby, special olympics, Bill Gates, Herbert Kornfeld, Smoove B, Star Wars, horoscope, marijuana, infographic, drugs, Kornfeld, Canada, death, shit, Nader, area man, rush, Al Gore, election, phish, dolphin, Marilyn Manson, cock, babies, cat, NBA, homosexual, special forces, h-dog, microsoft, point, counterpoint, statshot, holy shit, babies, Jim Anchower, religion, monkey, college, Starbucks, children, porn, pope, Don King, penis, smoove, anchower, dog, kids, hell, school, death star, Christmas, Ralph Nader, computer, zweibel, vagina, eminem, bear, red meat, burger king, Serbia, homosexuals, metric, video game, drug war, columbine, beer, pot, masturbation, Bill Nye, trailer park, police, Britney Spears, Mr. T, ferret, Taco Bell, George W, AV Club, A.V. Club">

I don't know what's more disturbing: finding "shit" between "death" and "Nader," finding "Eminem" between "vagina" and "bear," or finding "Don King" between "pope" and "penis."



I'm not changing the blog design. I decided I like this one too much. It's blue, it's simple, it's cute and it's me. I was thinking about doing some holiday revamping, but I can't so that with Kris' design, so unless I find a really good template, I'm not changing this one. Nuh-uh.

To be honest, I had picked one at Ann's Eyesites. I had the html ready to paste into the blog*spot template and everything, but I held on to my blue lines puppy for dear life, solved a few Blogger kinks in there, and made the sidebar a bit more tidy. It looks much better now. Like, you know, somebody is taking care of it. I even made some changes in the BlogBack bit, but I can't have the brains to customize it yet. I'm lazy.

But I did make cutie pie mini-banners. I don't know who's gonna fucking link me, but hey.

white on blue
orange on blue

Aren't they pretty? Aw.

I also had some css issues with the new template, but we won't go there. <.g> I guess I'll wait until Kristine does another cool one.

As for life, I can say that I've been extremely busy here at work, and I haven't been sleeping properly, because as soon as I get home, I have so much stuff to do it's almost 12:30 am when I finally hit the pillow. I'm missing my beauty sleep terribly, and I'm not worth a penny in the morning. I hope I can do something about it this weekend. I wanna sleep from Saturday util Monday. I don't know if I'll pull it off, but I'll certainly try.

Gym is doing good. God, I even ran into The Buff Guy That Checks Me Out Every Night when I went for coffee after lunch. I was like, hello, are you Droopy? You're everywhere, dude. Fatal Attraction. LOL. Maigua told me to go watch "Serendipity," that maybe it was destiny. I just rolled my eyes at her and said "whatever."

And I love Tate so much. I don't know what I'd do without her. I was going through such a bad time last week with my new assignments at work, and she called me and explained things to me, and was soothing, lovely and understanding. I don't know how I manage to survive with her living so far away from me. Why is it that everyone I love so deeply can't be HERE with me, dammit? It's unfair.

I'm going through the worst pop-punk kick ever. Gimme Blink. Gimme Offspring. I wanna jump and shake my head until I'm queasy.


Dude! imood has new smileys! Coolness. <.g>


Oooh. FAQ update in Scullyfic. I wonder if it was because of that story posted yesterday.

Okaaaaay. Jeylan replied to Jill. I wonder if hell's gonna break loose now. Eh. Not looking forward to it, really.

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Okay, I know I should update this more often, but I'm between designs. And redoing all the html is a bitch. And BlogBack is going all bitch on me. Eh. :-/


Tuesday, November 13, 2001
2 Dead in Crash Escaped WTC Attack.

That's too "Final Destination" for comfort.


Monday, November 12, 2001
Passenger Jet Crashes in Queens, NY

Jesus. Someone has really jinxed New York this year. Damn.

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Thursday, November 08, 2001

::dies from horniness::


Oh, gawd.

Why do I have to find pictures like these when I have so much to do? He does wonders making my concentration go to hell, you know.

Someone come and tame this horny beast now.




Wednesday, November 07, 2001
I have a headache.


Meeting with the boss in 5 minutes -- I'm FREAKED OUT.


You HAVE to love Ev's posts in Blogger.
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Today's horoscope:

"The stars smile on you, opening your window a little wider. Words are an acceptable placeholder if they're a promise of action to come. You have a few more days to prepare for something truly spectacular."

That's quite a nice scope, isn't it? Now, if I were to believe blindly in everything my horoscope says, I'd probably be all Mariah now. But I want to believe. <.g>

Have you seen December's issue of Seventeen? It has pretty Brit pics. I wonder how she does to pull the sex goddess photoshoots and then appear sweet-faced. I'm amazed.

My Meredith Edwards CD came in the mail today. It's quite good. Lance picks them good. <.g>

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From PopDirt.com:

"WENN reports top American psychic, Dikki-Jo Mullen is predicting the Backstreet Boys will split up later this month careers on their own, with Brian Littrell and Nick Carter singing solo, Howie D will do stand-up comedy and Kevin Richardson will hit the lecture circuit. As for A.J., Mullen says his solo singing attempt will fail, leaving him wishing the band never broke up."



I miss my old office.


Since Opus, today's Scullyfic Big Cheese recommended it and I'm an online test junkie anyway, I did the Jung-Myers-Briggs Typology Test, and turns out I'm a INTJ type. What does that mean? Well, you have the J. Butt and M.M. Heiss explanation as well as the D.Keirsey one.

Did you know that Hannibal Lecter, Clarice Starling and I have the same personality type? Take that as you want.

Wheee! Omar Vizquel won his eight straight Gold Glove! Okay, Maddux, Alomar and Pudge broke records, but I'm happy for my boy Omar. I love him so much, and that award is SO deserved. Everybody's always mooning about how great Nomar Garciaparra and Derek Jeter are, but look who has won the Gold Glove the last eight years, huh? He's always been the underdog despite the fact he's the best short stop in the all mofo Major Leagues. Ever.

Behold! Here you have a picture of Britney's CD launch party last night in NY. With Bad Justin Hair and everything.

To close on a shallow note uncalled for, I present you the winner of the Mr. Venezuela pageant, which took place last night. And it was broadcasted and all. It's still not a big deal like Miss Venezuela, but hey, I catched the last five minutes and at least it was eye candy. He hee.

Must work. I'm dreading today's meeting with the new boss already, but I might just as well get done with it already.


Tuesday, November 06, 2001
Okay -- BlogBack is fixed. Thanks for pointing that out, Kate. Now leave messages, please <.g>

Well, I'm here in HHRR. It has been a LONG day, believe me. Everything's quite set so far -- I just need to get support services to hang my weird painting on the wall and the interns to take the 1996 folders to the dead archive. But, all in all, everything's fine. I've been avoiding my boss because she wants to talk to me, so I only have 10 more minutes to hide until I go get changed for the gym.

Yes, I'm going to the gym -- I'm suicidal. I can barely walk and I'm gonna dance hip-hop and ska tonight. Oh boy.

Rosa and I tried to buy tickets for Friday's baseball game, but the ticket website didn't want us to go. And going to the stadium to but them gives us all a painful sting in the ass, so we still don't know what to do.

I don't know what series premiere I'll miss tonight.

I'm gonna buy Britney's CD tomorrow.


First, I have to say that is a great way to start the morning when you open up your e-mail and find a message from Constance with THIS JC picture attached to it. The Bonitos t-shirt! The yellow watch! The infamous striped belt! THE CROTCH! Although it may sound fake now that I've said crotch, I would have liked to see his face and his luscious locks too. But you can't have everything, can you? But the good thing is that you can see his hands, and the hairs on his arms. Makes you wanna run your hands through them.

Yesterday, November 5, were the premieres of almost all series for Latin America, and as usual, I though the day would never come. It seemed so far away that I didn't program my VCR to tape anything. As soon as I got home, the only thing I had a chance to tape while I was taking a shower and feeding the dogs was Dawson's Creek, which I ended up watching at 11 PM. So, it's not like I'm gonna spoil anything, because if you're reading this, you're probably a month ahead from me. Anyway, I liked this first episode. It remind me of how much a Dawson/Joey person I am, although my favorite hobbie is bitch at Joey and her crooked smile, but then I digress. California looks good on Dawson, because the boy has grown. Jen looks so pretty and cute, and I'm so sorry that Jack is gay, because he's really, really humpable. What I do want to know is what are they gonna do with Pacey. What's he gonna do with his life? So he's got a boat. Big deal. I think he should get over himself already, he's had WAY too much time of self-discovery.

It was nice to see Grams, and I found Joey's roomate [Ashley? Audrey?] cute, despite the fact she's downright promiscuous. All in all, the prospects are good, because, get this, I cried twice during this episode. That's always a good sign, because I'm being emotionally manipulated, LOL. If you must know, I lost it when Joey and her roomate were takling about the guys they had to say goodbye to, and at the end. I love good endings like that. Granted, I don't think this one's gonna be as good as the first season, where I cried half the time on each episode, but we're off to a good start here. I don't watch that many girlie movies, so I get my kicks with Dawson's Creek, okay? Of course, I've been in a schmoopy mood for days now, so it may be a hormonal disorder of some kind.

Oh well. Today's my last morning in this office, and man, I'm feeling so sad. Everything feels so empty. There's nothing but boxes around me, the computer and the telephone. I'm gonna miss this place so bad. It has a DOOR. ::sigh:: People have been coming in and out to say they're sorry I'm moving. And then I get all mushy. And I don't want to. Aaaagh.

Must think vane thoughts... ehhh. Oh yeah. Brit's CD is coming out today. Oooh. I'mmmmmmm comiiiiiiiiiing out. I'm coming oooout. I want the world to knoooowwww... sorry. Bad Levi's commercial flashback. So yeah. I don't think I'll have time to go and pick it up today, but I'll try. With all the moving, I'll probably be dead tired, but I promise to call Board's to see if they already have it. I want to hear that.


Monday, November 05, 2001
Aw, shucks.

I'm moving TOMORROW. So I've had to clear ALL my office this afternoon in order to make tomorrow's proceeds easier. Turns out that my spot in HHRR is not that bad, after all. But I am missing space for my archives. There are four pieces of swedish furniture that will need to be parked somewhere until they find me some space.



He's sex on a stick.


And I want to bid on this pic SO bad is not even funny.



I got my 2002 NSYNC Weekly Engagement Calendar. It's really fun. There are so many wonderful pictures in there when you can see how bad these guys dress! And you can look at them over and over for a whole year. Never let it be said that they're not entertaining.

Of course I'll use it at work. I'm WAY past common sense here. If I buy this shit, I'm gonna use it and make people stare at me in amazement, wondering how did I end up in middle management.

The only thing that bothers me is what I'll write down where it says "school address." What, can't graduate students own one of these? Unfair.

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Golly, I love this pictures. I should remind myself everyday of the wonders of Anna's journal, because damn, my life would be pretty boring without her.

Kate, I hope you see these. You're gonna LOVE them.

* JC plays basketball and looks hot
* Blue becomes him, doesn't it?
* More wonderful basketball uniform
* ::pants::
* Who cares who else is in there?
* Lordy.
* I like them like this, thank you

This one's for ya, Rina. I know you'll like it.
* Ooh, Lance booty!

More rando CFTC III pics:
* JC laughs at Justin's hat
* Me wants to yank the belt
* Because Joey is huggable
* More wet pics
* Aw, shucks. They're pretty
* Damn, Lance is fine, you know
* Tee hee
* My five favorite dorks

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Random Thought: Westlife is so underrated. And they're such a great group. Did you know Ronan Keating manage them? I didn't.


What a Great Monday!

This is what I mean when I say all Mondays should be good. Let me count the ways.

1) The Diamondbacks BEAT THE YANKEES and win the Wold Series

Oh Lord, what a game. I honestly was getting ready to get depressed again for the fouth year in a row, but no, dammit! Those guys gave the Yankees a run for their money. So they thought it had been fun to leave them in the field twice in Yankee Stadium, right? Even Chuck Knoublauck said after Wednesdays game: "no disrespect to the D'backs or their fans, but you have to chuckle a little."

So, no disrespect to the Yankees or their fans, but you have to give a hearty laugh at this one.

I think they even had the champagne cold and all in the lockers. I mean, they were only 2 outs away from their fourth championship in a row. They were winning 2-1. They had Mariano Rivera on the mound. But they didn't count on the D'backs not giving up so easily. I screamed so loud when they tied the game, I must have woken up everyone in the building, LOL. Even the neighbors called to see what had happened. He hee. So when Luis Gonzalez hit that last single, I was positively hollering. I REALLY wanted to see Clemens' loser face, but I'm sure he was crying in the showers jerking off or something. Okay, I'm rude when it comes to the bastard, but you know, I actually got a bit down when I saw their sad faces and all, because I know what it feels like. But damn, somebody ELSE had to win sometime.

But I do wonder if Jeter's all right. He looked in pain for a moment there.

Don't worry, New York fans. You still have a wonderful baseball team: The Mets.

2) Bradley Whitford takes the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama

Yay! Although I must admit I missed it because I was watching the game, I saw it later on E!'s Emmys post-show. Alisson Janney also grabbed an award, but Martin Sheen was ROBBED by James Gandolfini. Bleh. At least WW got the Best Drama Series.

And how surprising was Eric McCormack winnig the Best Comedy Actor award? Wow.

From what I saw, the show was fine, and Ellen did a great job at hosting it, being funny as she can only be.

Barbara Streisand at the end. Okay, WHAT was that? They had to go with a whimper, didn't they? I think we all get it... if you'd only stop milking it. We all in the world know all America feels deeply touched for the losses of Sept. 11, but that was just too much. It looked so manipulative and fake it actually made me sick. I couldn't stand it. You want some real feelings? Then I hope you saw the guy who played the US National Anthem at the game last night with his trumpet. If you weren't touched by that performance, if you didn't feel your heart swelling by the passion put on each note, then I have to tell you one thing: you're a sad, sad fucker.

3) I'm overcoming my communication problems

Because I'm about to finish the BEST love letter ever written. Shakespeare, suck on that.

4) Britney's album is out tomorrow

And I can pester all my coworkers and family by playing it non-stop!

5) I found a new *NSYNC pic

Actually, I don't know if it is, but I wonder, because JC looks as if he got a haircut. Go figure.


Sunday, November 04, 2001
LMAO - I knew it. I'm a gay man.

How Do You Rate?

Your score is 200


If you haven't tried on drag, you've certainly thought about it. The blinding stage lights, the screaming men, the lip syncing of RuPaul songs are a dream come true as the world becomes a smaller, more manageable place when you're on stage. There's a whole new world out there and you're letting everyone you come into contact with know that you belong center stage.


Diamondbacks 15, Yankees 2.

How humiliating. This feels so good. <.vbeg>

Yes, there's gonna be a last and seventh game tonight. And it's gonna be good, because Kurt Schilling will pitch, and Roger "The Bastard" Clemens will, too. [I'm sorry, but I have deep, serious, personal issues with that first class asshole.] We'll see who wins.

Now, I'm also happy because I found out today that the Harry Potter movie premiere here will be on December 5. Still a month away, but time passes very quickly. I can't believe I'm gonna have to stay away from HP online for two weeks to avoid spoilers and reviews. I wanna be surprised.

Last night I dreamed about a theme park. Maybe I'm subconsciously in Orlando.


Friday, November 02, 2001
So it's like this, plain and simple: I'm born again.

I become molten gold under his stare, intense and passionate. I become a purring kitty when he touches my hair. A blast of energy disguised as butterflies travels through my whole body when his fingers graze my skin. I'm an addict when his mouth devours mine. He makes love to me, and I feel loved and complete. I almost can't believe he's there. I'm swept away by him and everything he is. To me. To himself. To us. To the world. I fell in love without really wanting to, and I'm drownig in a storm. I don't want to survive this.

I choke on my memories when he's away.

I love him more than life itself -- I just can't say it, although he deserves to be told everytime he takes a breath. How can I feel like this, dying of requited love, and not be able to voice out that hell is worth living because he's there?

Does he know?


Well, it's official now.

I'm moving to the first floor, in the RRHH department. Effective next Monday. My new boss is the new RRHH director, and I'm absolutely TERRIFIED about it.

Thank you.



Raquel just came by my office to tell me in absolute confidentiality that I'll be moving to the HHRR department next week. I'll be doing the same thing, but the new HHRR director wants me down there for the corporate image campaign.

And I can't tell anyone until they tell me.

It's good because I'll get to work close to Raque, but damn, I was so used to my office. With a door and privacy. With all my furniture. Where the hell are they gonna put me in? Everybody down there is kinda stuffed, and I have lots of things, and I wanna be comfortable, dammit.

Oh, the aprehension. I'm really, really nervous about this. Wish me luck.

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Oooooh. Kate is a blog girl now, too!

And I wish I lived closer to Rina so I could do nasty things to her. She's a Yankees fan, you see. And she's gloating. And I hate her so much right now. <.g>


Reading about the new Madonna unauthorized biography, I found some interesting tidbits.

The author says that "Madonna and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. were lovers for a brief period in 1987 -- while Madonna was still married to actor Sean Penn -- 'but he (JFK Jr.) was just too nervous for them to click sexually.' She tried to seduce pop star Michael Jackson in 1991 but ''nothing happened because he was giggling so much;''had a fling with actor Warren Beatty during the filming of the 1990 movie ''Dick Tracy'' mostly to boost her own publicity, and had two abortions in 1985 -- one of them first husband Sean Penn's baby and the other conceived with deejay boyfriend Jellybean Benitez."

Okay, you HAVE to be really desperate to try to take Michael Jackson to bed.

The Connan Comment: "Listen to this, Madonna once tried get Michael Jackson into bed. Did you see that? Tried to get Michael Jackson into bed. Yeah, unfortunately, Michael refused her offer because she didn't have bunk beds. That's what he likes. He likes the little -- feety pajamas."

The article on Madonna closes with the author saying: "We have this image of a hard-boiled sassy New Yorker, but she is more of a decent person than that... She has wanted to give love but when she receives it, she rejects it."

I can relate.


I have the 2002 Harry Potter Movie Calendar. I'm a VERY happy woman.

Britney's tour started last night, and according to WorldOfBritney.com, she put on a GREAT show. Cool. I looked for her album yesterday in Board's, since I read somewhere that they're selling it in Mexico already, but nothing. They said that they'll have it on Monday. Oh well, I guess a few more days won't kill me. But believe me, I've been a good girl, because I've only heard two songs from the album already, and one of them is "I'm A Slave 4 U." The other one is "What Is Like To Be Me," the one she does with Justing. Very good.

Went to see "America's Sweethearts" last night. It was quite silly and semi-eeehhh, but you could laugh a bit. And John Cusack was yummylicious.

Nostradamus predictions were right, because it seems like the Yankees won again last night -- I'm just thankful that I went to sleep before the shit hit the fan. Let me just say that I agree with Ben Walker on this line of his review: "Once was amazing. Twice was too hard to believe - even for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees."

I said it already. Too appropriate and all-american for my tastes. It's either that or Kim is a Yankees fan.

And somebody give Bob Brenly a fucking clue.


Thursday, November 01, 2001
I'm compulsively eating all the Hershey's kisses I just bought fot my halloween candy bowl. Help!


LiveJournal is up and running again.

::relief sigh::


Why is LiveJournal dead?

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I finally saw the last Harry Potter trailer. And I'm so in love with Ron! He's so cute! You can see some special effects, like the cat turning into Professor McGonagall (with Ron saying "that was bloody brilliant!!") and the chess board. I'm happy to say that Hermione is absolutely adorable, and that Harry is perfect.

I'm so gonna freak out in utter joy when I see that movie. I can't believe I have to wait one more month until it opens here. I just hope they leave it subtitled so I can enjoy the accents. Not that I'll be actually reading the subtitles per se, but because I would absolutely hate it if they make them speak in Spanish. Since it's a "kids movie" and all... argh.

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Just a useless post to say that this smiley, er, smiles like Eric Foreman (the dude from That 70's Show):

You know, when he's saying something like "Yeeeheheheahh...."


It's already November. Can you believe it? This year has passed so fast, and so many things have happened.

Damn. The Yankees tied the series last night. It's a shame Kim fucked up the brilliant work made in 7 innings by Curt Schilling, but then it was a home run (talk about dramatic!). And I rather have that than a man safe in home or a fuck up of worse proportions. And it was Derek Jeter, who's the player I dislike the less in that team. And no, I don't think he's hot. Just FYI.

If the Yankees win the series again, that damned thing was rigged since the beginning so the trophy stays in NY. It's gonna be too appropriate and all-american for my tastes.

ANYway. Let's gnaw on happier topics.

I must say that you have NEVER experienced what is like to be speechless until the Latin Dance teacher you lust after stands in front of you in the middle of the class ans starts doing this sensous dance. Very closely. My God, I had never wanted to stuff bills on someone's waistband so bad in my whole life.

So yeah, it was a GREAT class, thank you very much. Unfortunately there were no eurodance tunes to simulate any strip tease, but it was fun anyway. And Jan's powerbike class was a KILLER. I mean, it's nice to feel your muscles tensing and all, but damn, mine were all jumping, screaming "Eat at Joe's!" Hmpf. At least I could make the double-time songs. Yay me! He hee.

When we were going out, she was telling us about the III Powerbike Challenge on November 24. We were like, yeah right, we're gonna do the powerbike challenge alright. Just call 911 after 15 minutes have passed so we don't have a flatline in the gym. LOL. But she told us this one's gonna be a new modality, with five-people teams that will pick their own music and exercise level in a 20-minute routine. That way, they'll be scanning everyone's progess and music tastes for the classes, and therefore match the students with their instructors. People are gonna see we're SO Jan's bitches when they hear the music we're gonna put in out routine.

Because we ARE doing the powerbike challenge, after all. I started picking the music last night, and I must say that these songs have made the cut so far:

* Fatboy Slim - Because We Can
* Beck - Devil's Haircut
* Dick dale & His Del-Tones - Misirlou (aka the Pulp Fiction Theme)

Somehow I have to manage to slip *NSYNC and any song from the X-Files albums in there.


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