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Monday, December 31, 2001
Well, it's 9:20 pm, so I'm outta here. But first, hear me out:



Have the best year of your lives, okay?


Well, it's New Year's eve, and I'm in a better mood. I'm wearing black, head to toe. Leather pants, leather cuffs, black sweater, black sexy boots. Enough to put me in a great mood. :)

So, a bit late, I steal this survey from Kate (who must be in the Caribbean right now) who stole it from the lovely Kristine. So I'm a third-grade stealer, because I'm doing it now. :-P

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Friends. I made a bunch of wonderful friends this year, online and offline.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
Not living up to my own expectations.

3. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?
Just the usual: lose more weight and have more sex.

4. Where do you wish you were celebrating?
In a HUGE party with all the people I love. Everyone would be there, from my family to my coworkers, to my friends, even the ones who live far away. Maybe I can rent the New York Plaza for next year's. ;-)

5. What do you plan to do for New Year's Eve?
Oh, just have dinner with my family and have a good time 'til midnight. We'll hug, we'll drink and we'll get boozed up.

Well, that was easy. <.g>


Oh wow. Talk about a nice horoscope for today.

>> Your Daily Horoscope for December 31, 2001.

This is the beginning of an exciting period in your love life, Miggie. Your relationship with your significant other may have been in somewhat of a rut lately. All that is about to change. Both of you are ready for something big. Perhaps a move is in store, or it could be that you both decide to move to the next level of commitment to one another. Follow your instincts in this case; they will lead you where you are meant to be.

::blinks in astonishment::


Sunday, December 30, 2001

The wonderful, lovely Diane uploaded the Girlfriend video and is sharing on the JJB. As expected, things are going crazy around the board. ;)

Too bad I have a dialup connection at home, because I would download it in a heartbeat. I guess I'll have to see it on Wednesday, when I can download it from work. At least I'll get to see it sooner than I expected. If the link still works by then, that is.


Saturday, December 29, 2001
Well, another girl's night out with Olga, Nohelia, Fabi and Melissa, who finally gave me the invitation to her sister's wedding. Predictably, the conversation switched to the usual girlie talk of marriage, which I dread with passion. So, predictably too, I entered my heavy sarcastic zone. Of course, after a while, they started asking me about Rafael. I tried to dodge it as best as possible, and apart from the usual "how do you live without sex that long" question, there was no more talking about it. Maybe because they got tired of asking, or maybe because they got their answers without me saying anything. I didn't want to get into what I'm going through right now, because I'm on the verge of breaking down, and I don't want anyone to know what's going through my mind. I need to get a grip on my own and come to terms with what I want to do about this mess my relationship with that man is. I knew that at the moment I let go a little emotion, I'd come crashing down causing romatic pity. And I rather say fuck you to everyone before I show any weaknesses. Too bad there are only two persons with whom I can let myself go. One is Tate, who lives five states away, and the torment himself, who lives many countries away.

At this point, Sarcastic Miggie had been joined by Crabby Miggie and Frustrated Miggie. Not a happy sight when you're trying to live it up and not be a pain in the ass for your pals who want to have fun. I wanted to take my book and go to the corner of the table, but instead I bit my tongue, swallowed my own poison and put on the poker face. I'm VERY bad at it, so I got a couple "are you okay?"'s. Ugh. The "Who's Marrying First" lists from college resurfaced, and it turns out people expect me to be the fifth to get married in a group of eigth. I really don't know what to make of it.

I really, really have an issue with this. I mean, is more than marrying, is doing something with your life, actually. Having a goal, wanting to accopmplish something, fighting for something. I'm young, so I should embrace life and its challenges, but I'm stuck. Yeah, I have a college degree, I'm intelligent, I'm smart, I'm funny, I have a relatively nice job with a relatively fair pay, but I dread myself. I hate what I've made of myself. I do nothing. I have nothing to look forward to. I haven't found anything good enough to devote myself to. I just live entertaining myself with small potatoes and live my life day after day in a routine. Who am I and what do I want to do with my life? Well, I have no fucking idea. What have I done? nothing. I guess I don't want to accept the fact that I'm an adult. I don't want responsibilities, I don't want to grow up. I want to stay in my cozy coccoon and never get out. I don't want to face the ugly world out there, so my "fuck you" attitude does help sometimes.

This is bad when you don't want your life to pass you by. What the hell is going on? Is the New Year Sindrome? I hate it. I'm gonna cry rivers on New Year's eve. I know. I'll be hiding in the bathroom for an hour and people will ask what is wrong. So the plan is to get drunk and not feeling anything for 12 straight hours at least. ::sigh::

All in all, not a very good day. I'm also worried about Rina's mom, too, especially because they won't be able to know anything until Wednesday, and she must be going crazy by now. :(

Listening to Alejandro Sanz is not helping things either. So a Bridget Jones' kind of night is on the menu, I guess. A couple margaritas and I'll be singing "All By Myself," too. I wanna go and write me some fluffy slash, but it's gonna come out too angsty.

Pathetic Miggie says goodnight.

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Friday, December 28, 2001
To end up a slow Friday at work: a test.

Congratulations, (sort of) You're JOHN!

Although you were shot to death by SATAN HIMSELF in 1980, you still live on in the hearts of millions and in Kate's closet. You like making fun of stupid people, drinking whiskey, writing the best songs in the world, and men.

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

Hee! I always knew it. <.g>


(Blogger is acting funny. I've had to repost this a lot, you know? Maybe someday this one will appear)

Oh, sweet God. I found caps from the Girlfriend video. Well, actually, I found what I wanted: a JC cap, and that's all that matters. Here it is:


[Shamelessly taken from Ins' Journal]

You know what's the worst thing? He's wearing a heinous black and white... *thing* over his gorgeous locks, but hey, you can't have everything.


So, I saw The Lord of The Rings last night.

Ejijah Wood's performance of Frodo was beautiful. Ian McKellen rocked. Sean Astin was just... wow. Cate Blanchett creeped me out, in a good way. I didn't hate Liv Tyler. Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas, is simply AMAZING. Gimlit is too sweet for words, just like Merry and Pippin. Boromir... <.sigh> I loved the elves. Hated those nasty Orcs. The fight scenes were awesome and I found myself on the edge of the seat many, many times. You just felt the characters were always on the verge of danger.

Oh, and there was Aragorn, who was too perfect for words: the ultimate heaven-sent hero. Strong, loyal, determined, with a big heart. He's also scruffy-looking and I'm sure he stinks a bit, but damn, I don't care. He's hot. Panty-melting hot. <.g>

So I've been living in a happy LOTR cloud ever since. And I fear an obession coming. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch, and when we were going to the car, I saw this LOTR thing in Burger King, that happens to be besides Pizza Hut. So I went there and bought a kids' meal just to get a tiny Legolas figure and a transparent picture.

Somebody hold me.


Thursday, December 27, 2001
Whew! Blogger is back. Poor Ev. He's right -- hackers have NO respect for Holiday vacations.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited because I'm going to see The Lord of the Rings tonight! I can't believe we found tickets. <.g>
And I also found Reese's Cups in a store nearby. I'll die from the sugar high. These are so yummy.

Although I've had time to update this from home, I've been happily doing absolutely nothing for the last few days. <.g> But hey, I've actually done some things apart from eating like a pig, like improving my Britney moves because last night I had class with Limbert at 7:00 pm and had to practice. I also spoke with Melissa, who almost made me fall flat on my ass when she told me she had a wedding to invite me to on January 12th. My first reaction was "WTF?! Is she marrying Can so fast?!? What's the hurry?" But no, it her sister's wedding, Barbara. I had totally forgot about that now I have to lose some of the 80 punds I gained on Christmas for that date so I can find me some pretty dress for the wedding and everything.

And hey, I'm at work now, so things haven't been that unproductive. But I made a HUGE mistake. I went to the Lounge to see what was up, and I found this topic about MTV showing the Girlfriend video "by mistake" on Monday, when it's supposed to premiere on New Year's. Anyway, there was the whole description of the video in there by someone who catched it. I have to say that it was very sad of me to whimper like I did when I read these tidbits:

"Now, JC. Same scene, (They alternate shots of Justin and JC with their girls) and he's doing the same sort of movement with his girl. However they do a lot of closeups (Usually on the whispery "Why you thinking bout him mama" lines, ad-libs, etc) on his mouth near his "girlfriends" mouth. They're as close to kissing as you can get without actual prolonged mouth-to-mouth contact. It's a really hot shot, all of them, because his goatee looks gold from the light, and his mouth is all swollen."

"...while Justin looked super hot, he didn't have the same sexual impact that JC has in the video. The closeups of JC's mouth and the shots they have of him are incredible, honestly. I think it's a way prettier video then Gone was, and I LOVE Herb Ritts so that's saying a lot. It's rough and gritty and really seductive. You can't stop watching it. At all. And JC's a hotass. So's Chris, which was nice to see. They didn't just use him as comic relief, they used him as an honest to god sex symbol on that bike. "

I'm gonna fucking DIE when I see that video. I will. I mean, for me is quite normal to see JC all sexual and stuff. But when other people do, that has to be big. No pun intended. I'm getting goosebumps here with the mental image. I'm so pathetic.

To get my mind out of the gutter, I decided to do something of use related to *NSYNC. And since Rina asked me to run *NSYNC With Gilliangels with her (so exciting!) I started to do some research about the charities they support: CFTC, The Justin Timberlake Foundation and ChildWatch. Nice work. :)


Thursday, December 20, 2001
You know you're a baseball geek when you LOL at this.

tee hee

I <3 Dan Piraro. =)


Oh yeah, AdCritic is gone.

I need a drink.


Don't you feel a bit on the verge of something?

I don't know if I'm the only one feeling this way, but it seems wverything's been a turmoil since that fatidic September day. The world is a bigger mess than it already is, people are more hectic, all kinds of passionate beliefs are resurfacing, and in general, nobody feels like taking anybody's shit anymore. Look at Argentina, the strongest economy of Latinamerica, sunk in a social riot product of the wrong answers to a country's problems. Look at the middle east. Look at the bombings in Afghanistan -- they've stopped because there are no more targets left anymore. Everything's gone. The Pope, this almost unbelievable figure, so full of hope in humanity, keeps pleading for understanding and mercy between men. It's such a huge contrast to everything that's happening. I just wonder how much are people willing to give in before something big and unstoppable happens.

We're definitely living in bizarro mode.


Monday, December 17, 2001
Oh God. Maigua got me this *gorgeous* Harry Potter metal plaque with magnets. It's the Hogwarts Quidditch field with the Gryffindor and Slytherin players hovering in the air. Absolutely beautiful. I can't believe she got me that, I'm astonished.

I'm going home. My boss told me I was too sick to stay the whole day, so I guess that I'll be going in a few. I'm sick as a dog. Ugh. The worst is that the only pampering I'll get today will be from wncle McDonald's, because I'm sure nobody will be home when I get there, and there's no way in hell I'm cooking. Although I don't know why I bother, since I could be eating cardboard and it would still taste the same.

This cold SUCKS.

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You know Christmas has artives when you turn on the TV and instead of the morning political debate programs, you see "Bewitched."

This cold is killing me. I should have stayed home today. :-(


Friday, December 14, 2001
Today's Top Story:

Winona Ryder Arrested for Shoplifting in LA

"Oscar-nominated actress Winona Ryder was arrested at Saks Fifth Avenue's Beverly Hills store when clerks saw her cram nearly $5,000 worth of clothes and accessories into a bag after ripping off their security tags, police said Thursday."

Well, at least they didn't caught her in Target or something. <.vbeg>


Yesterday, mega dance class at the gym. Amazing. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. We danced for three straight hours until 10 pm, can you believe it? It felt so nice, despite the fact we were all sweaty. The really great thing about is is that once in a while, Limbert would come and dance between me and Raquel. He just... moves in such an erotic way it's distracting. How can he expect me to dance when he's gyrating his hips so close to my thigh? Good Lord. I'm so getting a crush on him. Bastard. ;)

Today, secret Santa gift exchange. Turns out Dazara was mine. She gave me the Harry Potter soundtrack! It's so pretty and cute and simply... fantastic. ::sigh:: And Alfredo gave me a huge Hershey's Kisses cane because he loved my daily gifts too much. Aww. We had a nice lunch. I ate turkey with this yummy peach sauce.

Oh, and the Frederick's package arrived. And yes, it's underwear. Very nice. And it's my right size. Who said men didn't pay attention to details? I'm impressed.


Thursday, December 13, 2001
I'm worried. I'm developing an unhealthy lusty crush on Britney. But really, can you blame me if I hiss when I watch this?

I thought so.


God, can you believe this? I've been trying to blog since this morning, and everytime I have like, 2 minutes off, someone comes to my desk asking for something. Eh. I've been too busy today, not to mention the fact that I've been sleeping four hours a nght because I have to watch the Zoboomafoo episodes I tape during the day. But hey, I don't mind having this mental image before going to bed. >:D

Oh, gym last night was great! We had the very good Latin dance with Limbert, who was wearing these pants that did much good to his cute ass. After class he comes to us (Raquel, Maigua and I) and tells us not to go, because he wants us to see something. <.snicker> Well, what do you know? It turns out he puts on "I'm A Slave 4 U" and the bastard dances the whole thing *perfectly.* Just like Britney, I swear. Amazing. At the end, after we worshipped his greatness, we told him that all we could do from that choreography was the sweaty grabbing and the licking at the end of the video. LOL. But hey, we have hope: he told us that if we practiced that stuff for a month we'd dance just like her. Yeah, right. <.Aerosmith> Dream on, dreaom oooon... <./Aerosmith>

Turns out we ended up speaking for an hour after that, just chilling outside the gym's cafeteria. The good thing is, we could get past the lust phase to get into the buddy phase. We laughed so hard, and this guy is so cute. Sweet, but with the right amount of evil in his voice and his eyes. I tell you, we needed some beers and a bowl of pretzels, but alas, they don't sell beer at the gym. But -- there's special nourishment for special members on Fridays. One of the advanced guys in powerbike told us to bring a dark sports bottle on Friday. <.gasp!> They're giving us alcohol while we excercise! Only in my gym.

And we're meeting again with him tonight because tonight's the Mega Dance Class. It's like the Christmas party for the gym, two hours straight of shaking yo ass. I'm gonna be dead when I go to sleep, but it's gonna be SO worth it.


Wednesday, December 12, 2001
The template is fucked up again. Bold everywhere. Ugh.
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Heh. I love silly tests. <.g>

Take the What Cat Are You? test by webkin!


Tuesday, December 11, 2001
ARGH! They changed the Hotmail layout gain. Okay. MSN. We. Get. It. Jeez.


I just got an e-mail from Skybox where they tell me: "the package for your FOH order just arrived."

So I call, wondering what the hell is FOH, because the last shopping I did was at the Gap. I ask the guy if the package has any other indications, to get an idea what I'm getting, since it could be a mistake. So he tells me that there's no mistake, becase it's a gift for me. From FOH. I ask him, again, to tell me what FOH stands for. I think he's either excited or scared to tell me, because I ask him three more times until he tells me FOH stands for Frederick's of Hollywood. Who-ho-ho. Someone bought me *underwear*? Like, sexy underwear? Whoa. That box better have a card from whom I'm expecting, or I'm gonna be VERY nervous.



- My office it's VERY cold. I'm practically flashing everyone, despite the fact I'm wearing two sweaters. Just imagine.

- Late to the party, but wheeee! David and Téa are expecting a new baby! Cool. West will have someone smaller to play with. <.g>

- I haven't bought the present for my Secret Santa. And the worst part? I don't know what I'll get him, since he wants "whatever I like." Argh. I'm gonna have to go tomorrow afternoon after work. And believe me, that's a sacrifice, if we consider that tomorrow's Lindbert's class. But I'll get home earlier to watch the Billboard Music Awards and witness JC's manly manliness.

- virtue.nu is farting my blog images whenever it wants.

- Maigua is extremely depressed today. I ask her what's wrong and she gets all teary-eyed. I'm worried here.


Okay, the trick is annoying if you *don't* want to open the link everytime your mouse passes over it. <.eg>


Help. I'm procrastinating.

Tee hee.

I am 52.5% British, just like
Hugh Grant
Thought you drive a British sports car you are most likely to have a blowout in LA.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz

Oh, look at that. I'm quite the British.


Oooh. I just learned a new trick. Just roll the mouse over the link.

JC wants a piece of Joey. Hmmm. So intense.


What a long weekend. Stepbrother's wedding on Saturday, Hallaca-making on Sunday, and a national business strike yesterday. Yeah. Fun. The good thing about having the day off yesterday was that I could sleep, watch new Zobomafoo episodes with the athletic and sexy Kratt brothers and watch movies all day long and, basically, make my best impression of a broccoli. I did *nothing.* Unless you count getting all weepy watching Dawson's Creek as doing something, that is.


Okay, so you know Christmas is approaching, and people besides getting shopping-crazy and drunk over the holidays, there's this depressive mood lingering. Because you know, the end of the year is near and we tend to think about the things we haven't done, people that are not here anymore, promises we made ourselves... and we get to be with our families, which of course, is great, but also *very* stressing. That said, I've been feeling a bit down the past couple of weeks, reminiscing and stuff. The wedding made me even more sad, not because it was bad or anything -- God knows I loved watching Kiko and Adhara getting married and having that dumb, drooling faces everytime thay saw each other -- but you kinda feel like you're running out of time. Not that I'm in a hurry or that people is actually asking me when am I gonna get married already, but you kinda wonder if that's ever going to happen to you, you know?

And that is weird coming from me. I've never dreamed of white, fluffy wedding dresses with rose patald falling over me as I walk through the aisle. God, no. That is SO not me. But I guess that deep down inside, in a corner of my hairy black heart, I wanna find love. Not the one that's in the Hallmark's cards. Angelina-and-Billy-Bob love. Unabridged, lustful, intense and so deep on its nature, that you can be eaten alive by it. That's what I want. So, I've felt the reader's digest version of that love and I'm planning to go through with it the whole nine yards. But, but... it's been almost three weeks ago that Mulder doesn't contact Scully. Let's say that we had a HUGE fight for a stupid thing and we're not in speaking terms. And that's *horrible.* I don't even know how he is, if he's coming to spend Christmas here with his family or if he's gonna spend the Holidays by himself and who knows with in the US. I miss him terribly. So much, I just sent him an e-mail, which I wrote in tears. Very embarrassing, since I was here at work and people were staring. The good thing is that I didn't care. So the man is not perfect, but he is to me. And if he doesn't call or even reply to my miserable message, I'll probably snap. Soon.

So picture me shitty in the relationships/romance department. Then I get an e-mail from Meli, telling us that she and Can are gonna get married sometime next year. What the fuck? Oh, Lord. I cry for another half an hour. I'm so happy for her I can't even breathe. I can't believe she's doing this so soon, but hell, she is. So, another marriage soon. Add that to the coming-up-soon Mayra Wedding, and that's a lot coming. I'm gonna be living on Prozac by then.

God, am I an horrible person or what?


Thursday, December 06, 2001

Hmm... where was that dildo?


Lifesavers gummies! Fruit Mentos! I love my Secret Santa.
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Well, I just followed Rina through the path of art.

If I were a work of art, I would be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

I am extremely popular and widely known. Although unassuming and unpretentious, my enigmatic smile has charmed millions. I am a mystery, able to be appreciated from afar, but ultimately unknowable and thus intriguing.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test


Wednesday, December 05, 2001
Warning: random and pretty excited comments ahead. And <.gasp!> no spellcheck!

Wheee! I'm so happy -- I just got home from watching Harry Potter. Everyone was, like, *desperate* for the movie to start. They only showed one trailer: Episode 2. Yeehaw! Talk about targeting to an already captive audience. Yes, we're fanatics. We're gonna watch your movie, dude.

So, Harry Potter. People were cheering and laughing and screaming in all the right parts. I fucking LOVED that movie. There's just so many wonderful things about it, I don't know where to start. The first thing I remember is the crush I immediately had on Ron. He was just the most adorable thing EVER! And Harry... how cute is he? Aaaah. And Hermione -- I wanted to smach her on her first scene. LOL. But she grows on you quickly. ;)

Loved Percy, LOVED the twins. I just wish they had given them more lines -- people that have never read the books can't figure out their personalities. Even poor Mrs. Weasley appeared only for a few seconds. And Ginny? We couldn't even see her crush on Harry. Aw, shucks.

How cool looked the quidditch game? I wanna play that. On the Gryffindor team, because I want Oliver Wood to give me directions. Yummeh. Did you see when he stopped that first bludger? Daaaayum. Me wants some.

I want Hagrid as my teddy bear. he was just too much sweetness for me to handle. His frst scene, he cries because he has to leave Harry at the Dursleys. I got all teary. Then, the Norbert scene, short but so cute my mouth stayed in "awww" position for a while. And I won't even get into the last one with Harry when he gives him the album, because my vision got blurry.

Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah. I fancy James Potter muchly. Fang licking Ron's face was too adorable for words. Voldemort was scary. Liked the centaurus. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Snape. ::happy sigh::

The "HELL, YEAH!" award goes to: Ron giving Hermione that adoring look at the end, when Dumbledore gave her the points. Pure perfection. That was all the proof I needed. Of course, there was the scene on the stairs, the one in the Hogwarts Express at the end where Ron almost held her hand, but I'm talking too much, and I need my sleep. I'll just say that yes, there were parts and details missing (God only knows how much I wanted to see the Christmas Scene with Harry and the Weasleys), but I can only imagine how *hard* it was to choose what to put in there. So What can I say? I can't wait for CoS to come out already. I need to read those books again.

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Oscar is okay now. No danger. ::relief sigh::


Okay, I'm outta here. My boss told me to go and do whatever it is that I had to do today. She's in such a great mood today.

Must head on to Olga's and then to lunch and maybe unwind a little before the HP screening. I really want things to go great today, especially for Oscar. ::crosses fingers::

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Jesus, what the fuck is going on today? Am I always the last to know these things? I just found out Oscar, a coworker from IT had a stroke this morning. You see, his parents arived yesterday from Peru to give him a surprise visit for his birthday, *today.* It seems that he couldn't take it, sice it's been years since he last saw them, and he's been under a lot of pressure lately because he's been going with his brother to his chemo sessions. I'm really worried about him, since it seems they're gonna have to do surgery like, RIGHT NOW in order to release the clot of blood. And every minute counts.

Thank God the company's insurance company approved the surgery budget. So I think it's just a matter of waiting and praying now.

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I love Blog This! -- it allows me to procrastinate and post useless things to the blog when I'm in the middle of a sustainability research. Love it.

So, fond memory from last night at the gym:

I'm doing this exercise where I'm sitting in this machine and I have to open and close my legs in order to strengthen my inner thighs. Hurts, but in a good way. Plus, it's kinda erotic if you're twisted like me. Anyway, right across the work out room are the Tofu brothers (because they would be great to fuck) doing wonders with this machine where you do this rowing movement. So Big Tofu stretches to the front, and I can see the waistband of his underwear. Of all things, he's wearing Calvin Klein. At this point, I start whimpering to myself, because I'm weak and I'm starting to drool. But then, he finishes, and his brother starts. So I'm opening and closing my thighs, feeling quite comfortable with my staring at them, when Big Tofu looks at my direction, and pulls his t-shirt up to scratch his belly while looking at my thighs.

Sweet Fucking God. I saw black with little points of light in front of me and moaned, I swear. I had to stop for oxygen. The fucker had this smug grin on his face the rest of the night.

I need to get some soon.


Peggy just e-mailed me, telling me she had surgery on Saturday for an internal bleeding she had been having all week. Told me she contacted me, but I never replied. God, I feel so bad... I never got any of her messages. Damn Hotmail. Anyway, she's feeling better and will be home all week. She's still quite depressed about George Harrison. And now it seems that her fave Orioles player, Brady Anderson, signed with the Indians. She's down. :-/

And I still haven't told my boss I'll be out of the office this afternoon to go to the university and run some errands for the post-graduate course *cough*I'mgonnagoseeHarryPotter*cough*, because she's on this meeting all morning. Eeek. I'm leaving at 1 PM, so that should give me enough time to do the things I must do today and leave without any guilt. Not that I'll feel guilty anyway, but still.





Tuesday, December 04, 2001
We're playing Secret Santa at work. The gift exchange will be on the 14th, but we have to leave small presents everyday, like candy and chocolate. I got a mug with a monkey for my appointed coworker. <.giggle>

Mine got me a printer test page.

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My leather pants arrived. I tried them on in the bathroom. I looked so fucking hot, I couldn't believe it. That's what a leather fetish will do to you. Must wear them soon and cause havoc around me.

Note to self: Get fuck-me boots soon.

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It seems the guys will sell these special watches for charity, the CFTC thing. But damn, they're worth $5,900. I'll keep my Baby G, thank you.
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I have struck gold. I just came across this site, Dance World, and guess what I found?!? Choreographies!!! AAAAHHHH!! Heard that, Kate? Rina? *NSYNC is there. Britney is there. Even Madonna is in there. I'm in heaven.
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God, they fired like 10 people yesterday. And you know the bad thing? Since I work in HHRR people automatically assume I know who's next. God, I *don't*. Ugh. And it seems today there'll be more people out. Things are so sucky in the company you don't know whose ass they're gonna fry next.

You know what else is sucky about working here? I have this coworker who's the epitome of chirpy. At 7 am. I'm here in my computer, all cool, reading the news early in the morning, in my darkness, getting accustomed to the fact that yes, the day has started, and she arrives, lighting up the WHOLE office, practically screaming "Good morning!!!!" with all the joy of life you can imagine. It makes me sick. Ugh.


Monday, December 03, 2001
You know? Maru has this great quality about her. She always gives me the best advice when I need it the most, even when I never ask her for it. Most of the time, she seems to know what I'm thinking and going through even if we haven't gotten in touch. Her latest words of wisdom:

- Have a great holiday. Don't believe you're perfect, because nobody is. Don't be proud and accept your mistakes: the decision to correct them is always in your hands... even if it's 20 years later on front of a grave.

- Don't be coward. Don't pay attention to "what they'll say," you're the one who'll have to deal with yourself ALL your life. Stand for what you are in front of everyone. Who loves you, understand you. Fear and silence only keep you hiding inside yourself.

- We're all close. Close as a phone call, a letter, an e-mail, a voice message, a visit. We're all close to everyone. Distance exists only in your mind. Destiny has a fun way to work, and it's always so stubborn: he makes us find each other again and again, even if we're hiding from ourselves.


So, did you read over the weekend about the "IT" and "Ginger" brouhaha? Well, it's a a battery-powered scooter. D'uh.

And dude, they fired that bitch from Oil & Gas. I really, really dislike her, but today's her birthday. How rude.


According to Extreme Tracking, the last 10 people that arrived to this journal via a search engine were looking for:

- JC Chasez sex pictures [God, I wish I had those.]
- audrey dawson's creek pictures [Lordy.]
- picture of new york mets crying during national anthem [Huh?]
- joey fatone slash fanfiction [People like him like that, don't they?]
- howie chris slash [Howie and Chris? Nooo! That's WRONG.]
- nick carter crotch [::looks around:: Nope, Nicks's crotch is not here.]
- queer as folk spoilers [I wish I had those]
- fred and george slash [ew. Ew. EEEWWW]
- Westlife Slash Fanfiction [We're getting creative!]
- lance and jc slash journal [Oh, they're in MBP. But they broke up, you know. Sad. They were cute together.]


I hate Mondays, you know. I never sleep enough on Sundays and I'm always cranky and sick of everyone. And it seems that today some heads are gonna roll around here -- that's the good (or bad) thing about working in the HHRR department. You know who's gonna get fired before they do. Sucky.

So, since Mondays are so sucky, I better say something about my weekend.

Friday was Pure Bliss. Mom came here to lunch with me and the gals at work, and we had the Greatest Sushi Lunch Ever. So yummy. We ate like pigs, I tell you. The check was over $100. Unbelieveble. Then, that same night, we went out for some drinks, and yours truly had like... ten margaritas. Ye-he-he-ah. The bartender put a little mint liquor in the mix, so they tasted sweeter. Oh, boy, Those were good. And considering the amount of alcohol I consumed that night, I did not get drunk. I was only a bit tipsy. Maybe because we ate so much again. Chicken wings, mozarella sticks, fajitas, you name it. I was so happy. I laughed so much. I acted all silly. I tell you, bliss.

And then, on top of it all, they were showing the U2 show in Boston, you know, the one that's supposed to come out *tomorrow*. So fucking good. I thought the highlight of the show had been "With Or Without You", sung by Bono lying on the floor with a girl that was about to have a heart attack when he kissed her, but no. Maren reminded me of the real one: Bono and The Edge singing "Desire" on the same microphone, like an inch apart from each other. They were sweaty. It was very sexy.
After that, I went onto this big discussion about sex with sexy people. I was like, "I'll never have requited sex with someone that sexy." Of course, the girls were telling me that I've always had gorgeous boyfriends, but I mean, people like Bono is way out of my league. Is like fucking Lenny Kravitz. Or Angelina Jolie. They reek of sex. So what does it take to be with someone like that -- in a meaningful way?

Saturday -- sleep. Wento to Olga's to meet her new niece, who is a little troublemaker. She's pissed off all the time, and she's only 15 days old. Scary. I felt like clutching my pills close to my heart. No kiddies for now, please.

Finally we got around to put Christmas at home, and I'm proud to say our Christmas tree looks gorgeous. It had bows and teddy bears all over it. Awww. And what did I do yesterday? Catch up on my series and wait for the Harry Potter special on WB. That lasted 10 minutes. I was shrieking when I saw the invisibility cloak and the sorting hat scenes. And Ron is too adorable for words. I can't wait to see that damn movie on Wednesday. I still have to make up an excuse to skip work that afternoon, you know.


You must go read this story now. The smut is so cheap and bad, you can't help but keep on reading:

JC practically threw Angelique on the bed. "You bout to get your back broke gurl."

"Oh really?" she said as if she did not believe him.

"Ooooohhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhh!" He hollered as he jumped on top of her. He pulled down her thong and the tight skirt she wore that night. Angelique shivered as she heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his zipper. Angelique was not shocked when Jc pulled out his 13 inch fat ass dick. However she did look a little scared.

"My lawd JC, You gon kill me with that shit."

Pure poetry, I say.

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