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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Somebody block my eBay access from work! I can't keep on like this. I was looking for a present for a friend (a Legolas bookmark), and then I find Nenya, the ring of Galadriel, and Barahir, the ring of Aragorn.

::pulls hair::


15 minutes ago, the receptionist calls me and tells me there's this messenger looking for me to give me a present. For a moment, I stared at the phone in disbelief. A present? For me? Why? Who's sending it? And most important, what is it?

I get out, and there's this guy with a beautiful red rose for me. I was about to have a heart attack thinking about who could have sent that one, and when I saw the card... d'uh. It was from TeleFlores. You know, like 800-Flowers. LOL. They're launching this promotion, and I got a flower. Whatever.

So now the rose is sitting on my desk on an impromptu vase:

yes, that's Harry Potter in there

The good thing about getting flowers (or a single flower, in this case) is that all the nosy people around me is dying to ask who send it, but they're such wusses. LOL.

Ah, well, still too much work left to do. I must say March is gonna be quite exciting: two trade shows/fairs in a week! Argh. I'm gonna lose all my hair. ::sigh::


Well, how cool is that Ev linked BlogDesigns on the Blogger home page? Now Brandi & Co. will become celebrities. ;-)


There's no better way to start the day than with a test:

Wowie! You are Lumos! You're a lot of fun and pretty damn cool, and you do things your own way. You may often be in a fantasy world, but that's just fine with you! Most likely you're also a big Harry Potter fan (who isn't, right?).

[link courtesy of Elisa]

I'll also tell you about my virtual model, but later. I'm kinda depressed right now because of how my virtual doppelganger looks like. LOL.


Wednesday, January 30, 2002
I'm still learning the Elbereth Gilthoniel hymn, and I must say Sindarin Elvish is a tricky language. Because I wanna know what I'm talking about, you know. But I will prevail.

Damn, it's 5:20. I'm outta here. Namárië! :-)


LotR DVD news from New Zealand:

Ray Henwood, who stars in the New Zealand Festival 2002 play Copenhagen next month, will speak his line in a special DVD edition of Peter Jackson's blockbuster.

The special edition, due for release in November, will include an extra 30 minutes of footage not seen in the three-hour big screen version.

*dances happily around office*


So, I'm browsing through my favorite blog of the day, GrayBlog, and I find this resourceful page, sexblogs.

Then, browsing through that page, I find nobscan.com. I shouldn't be surprised, but damn, that's a fine example of human evolution.



So, the Caracas Pop Festival lineup has been finally revealed, and since for monetary reasons I won't be able to attend the *NSYNC concert in Chicago next April (sorry guys... *sniff*), I plan to get my ya-yas out on the Pop Festival's Diva Night next March. The one show I'm planning to attend is Alanis Morrisette and No Doubt, that's gonna be VERY good, I know. A couple friends were trying to talk me into going to the Rock Night (Korn + Papa Roach) too, but there's NO way I'm going there unless someone gives me a VIP ticket. Uh-uh.

Must call sis-in-law, who works for the production company, to get me the tickets. And must ask her about the HUGE rumor about the *NSYNC concert in September. She'll spill the beans.


Jish asked me to say HI! to my webloggers webring neighbours, and since I'm a nice gal, I will. <.g>

» to the left of me, lives smellen.
» to the right of me, lives Elusive Angel.


Tuesday, January 29, 2002
Yay! Cassie Claire has a new Secret Diary up. Today: V. Secret Diary of Ringwraith No. 5.

These just keep getting better and better. :-)

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Look at Viggo in the green shirt. Look at the hair. He cut his hair.

I hate him. He looks so damn good. Me, I cut my hair and look like an extra from Planet of The Apes.

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This Week's Useless Task: learn the Elbereth Gilthoniel Hymn.
Why?: So I can be annoying when nobody understands what I'm saying.
No, Really, Why?: I'm obsessed.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
silivren penna míriel
o menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-díriel
o galadhremmin ennorath,
Fanuilos, le linnathon
nef aear, si nef aearon!

A Elbereth Gilthoniel!
o menel palan-díriel
le nallon sí di'nguruthos!
A tiro nin, Fanuilos!

A! Elbereth Gilthoniel!
silivren penna míriel
o menel aglar elenath!



I didn't know LotR merchandising had gone this far. I want it. IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit!


Monday, January 28, 2002
I love my dentist. I can't feel the left side of my mouth, but there's no more pain. Yay for root canals. The bad part, though, is that the treatment is so expensive I may end up paying college. The doctor's daughter's. Ugh. Trips this year look far, FAR away.
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Worst toothache ever. Drugged up with analgesics. Am dying. Pain.


Friday, January 25, 2002
Heh. There's Viggo gushing in Scullyfic. And there's a Viggo/Aragorn poster. Am giddy, but credit card is not.


From Yahoo!News: Ex-Enron Executive Found Dead.

HOUSTON (AP) - A former Enron Corp. executive who challenged the company's questionable financial practices and resigned last May was found shot to death in a car Friday, an apparent suicide, authorities said.

I don't know about you, but I work for this industry, and I can tell you something: the shit is getting closer to the fan. Buy yourself an umbrella.


Mama is happy. Mama found a new fetish. Mama wants a t-shirt.
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I'm listening Madonna's GHV2, track 3: Human Nature. I think I got the clean version of the CD <.snicker>, because in that song she never says the famous line "I'm not yor bitch, don't hang your shit on me." Believe me, I heard the track three times and they cut it out. Too bad. That was my favorite part to sing along to.


friday five!

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear?

I love perfumes! Let's see:

- 360° by Perry Ellis
- Cool Water by Davidoff
- Miracle by Lancome
- Hugo Woman by Hogo Boss
- Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani
- Ralph by Ralph Lauren
- Polo Sport for Women by Ralph Lauren
- Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger
- Contradiction by CK
- Truth by CK

And, after a shower and before bed, assorted Victoria's Secret splashes. You can say I smell good. <.g>

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex?

- Eternity by CK
- Envy by Gucci
- Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
- Boss by Hugo Boss
- Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss
- Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Mmm. I've been known to follow strangers wearing these perfumes for a while. <.g>

3. What one smell can you not stomach?

Grease. Makes me nauseous.

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird?


5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?

Let's see. Tomorrow, go to the gym for the 11:30 am powerbike class. In the afternoon, lunch and a movie with friends. Sunday, sleep and rest.


Thursday, January 24, 2002
From BBC: Sydney Poitier to receive honorary Oscar. Damn right! :-)
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Wednesday, January 23, 2002
Well, The Man wants to move. To Spain. As in to "settle down and live there for the rest of my life." Well, that's just great. Nevermind the fact that my heart is broken with the news. Just... do what you what you gotta do. Have a nice life.

The really pathethic part is that I'll always love that bastard. He is the love of my life, after all. At least I like to think he is. Because maybe he's not.


Somebody kill me, please.


Tuesday, January 22, 2002
Mmm. Browniesh are sho good. Mmm.


See, I just write a couple haikus and then ToeTag goes and dresses himself as, well, Aragorn. He may not be Viggo, but damn, I loved it.



Oh, wow. You MUST head on to Rina's blog, Blue Roses, that has a new domain and a new look! Methinks Kristine did a fantastic job with the whole revamping. <.g> But using movable type kinda freaks me out. CGI? Perl? Eeeh.

::runs to hug blogger::

Anyway, congratulations! Talk about an upgrade! :)


Monday, January 21, 2002
From Yahoo!News: "World's First Luxury Mobile Phone Company Launched"

The world's first luxury mobile phone company was launched by Nokia on Monday, offering hand-crafted cellular phones, adorned with gold or platinum, and costing more than $20,000.

Okay, maybe it's because I'm poor and ignorant, but why would anyone want to have a cell phone with platinum and gold? Check that. Why would anyone want to have a $20,000 cell phone? Beats me.


Well, it seems I'm Arwen now.



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Arwen, Elf, the daughter of Elrond.

In the movie, I am played by Liv Tyler.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Does that make me the yin and the yang?


My eyes! My eyes! I can't handle this picture. It's too cute!


So, I made two personality tests. One Star Wars, one LOTR. And call me milky, because I'm Han Solo and Aragorn.

How I managed to be the Hot Dude in both tests without cheating is beyond me. Dumb luck, I guess.


I really wanted to do a Golden Globes recap, but the guys at E! do it better. So check out their Blow by Blow and see what I would have written.

There are only three things I want to add. The first one is that Hugh Jackman is sex on a stick. The second, Sela Ward's dress made me cry. And third, you can't tell me Ewan McGregor wasn't the most beautiful thing last night:

Ewan and his lucky wife - (c) AP Photo / Kevork Djansezian

He's so pretty.

Oh, and I liked this quote from Russell Crowe: "A Beautiful Mind is just a movie, folks. But hopefully it will help us open our hearts... and it gives us the belief that in our lives, something extraordinary can always happen."


Sunday, January 20, 2002
You know you're a hit with the female population when you're in the Top 10 of the Most Popular Pictures in Yahoo!News. So, my congratulations to Orlando Bloom. Who knew the mohawk would be so popular? :)


Saw A Walk On The Moon last night. Great movie. It's summer, 1969. Woodstock, drugs, dreams, man on the moon. So Diane Lane is this young housewife with two kids (incluing a teenager, portrayed by Anna Paquin) that finds herself wanting the life she never got to have, because she had her first child at 17. She's in this stage where she wishes the freedom to do the things she couldn't 14 years ago. But she adores her family. That's when Walker, the Blouse Man (Viggo Mortensen) comes into play. He's free, full of spirit, charming and very sweet. So of course she likes him more than she should, and he likes her back.

The thing with this movie is that you know what's going to happen and how it's gonna end. But you never imagine that the situations and the turns are gonna be so believable. Somehow you expect the end to be a huge cliché, but it's not, even when it is. And the characters infuse such life into the story, they're so tridimensional and deep you can't imagine anybody else playing them but *this* cast. They were all fantastic.

So, I liked this one very much. And yeah, Viggo looked quite scrumptious. I think I may have moaned a couple times. ;)

The Golden Globes are tonight! I'm hoping to see Nicole Kidman grab an award very badly. Though, come to think of it, she's gonna win it. It's not like Reese Whitherspoon is gonna take the award. But then Renée Zellweger was great on Briget Jones' Diary. I'm bad with this, cam you tell? But when until the Oscar nominations arrive. I'll kick your ass.

And hey, Billy Bob is nominated, right? He's got to take Angelina with him. Maybe I'll see her arriving or something. But then I have to find a channel that... oh, oh, E! E! is the one. Joan Rivers can't miss this award show. And how long does this one lasts, huh? ecause it's TV *and* movies... three hours? Oh dear. :-P


I showered! I blow-dried my hair! I'm clean! I smell nice! I'm happy! I'm.... I'm... PRUNY!


Saturday, January 19, 2002

What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You? I am Kong.I am Kong.

Strong and passionate, I tend to be misunderstood, sometimes even feared. I don't want to fight, I don't want to cause trouble, all I ask is a little love, and a little peace. If I don't get what I want, I get angry, and throw barrels and flaming oil at whatever's stopping me. What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?

Link courtesy of ToeTag, the Haiku Man.


Eh. Bad, bad flu. I've been home all day because I fell crappy again. And my right ear is clogged. Since my nose is all snotty, well, the ear wanted to join the party. Ugh. Not a good feeling, I can say. Add that some coughing and an achy throat and say yee-haw with me.

And I want to take a shower and blow-dry my hair so bad. I look like a homeless. But it's already 9:00 pm and I don't want to get worse. :-(

At least Viggo's movie is two hours away. ::sigh::


Friday, January 18, 2002
Random musing:

You know this guy, Tony the Tiger, the Frosted Flakes tiger? He always says to kids: "You go, Tiger!" "Well done, Tiger!" "Come on, Tiger!"

Isn't that too sexually charged? I mean, for kids? Hmm...

: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:15 PM :*: ::


Oh, I have homework. I must rewrite a smut scene, and I must finish a brief profile on Aragorn and Legolas that explains why I like them so much. No easy task, I'm telling ya. By the way, the smut is het -- no Aragorn/Legolas slash. Because I like Aragorn/Boromir better.

Did I say that out loud? My bad. :-P

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Whee! I just got home from the beer place in the mall. Woohoo. I needed a beer so bad. But it's okay, I only had two -- and they were light, I swear. I'll grant they were cold, but I'm no viking to have them warm, I'm sorry. :-P

Now, I'm reading the Scullyfic messages from the rest of the day too see if I missed a couple good jokes while I was away, and I find the news that Chris Carter and David Duchovny are in conversations to see if Mulder can be back for the last episode. So we can give a nice, loving farewell to him and Scully, you know. Those news are fantastic per se. But it doesn't last lng, because someone has to go and fuck up the good vibe of these news by saying "I hope he doesn't get top billing." I've never wanted to break someone's neck so bad. Who the fuck CARES who gets top billing if he's gonna be there? He'll probably pull a George Clooney on ER and appear surprisingly, so putting him on the credits would be a bad move. But just stating your distaste for the fact the guy is gonna be named before your favorite goddess/actress is uncalled for. I hate to have these gut reactions to something someone I don't even know said, but UGH. Sometimes there are people who have their heads way up into their asses to see what they're doing.

Okay, rant over. I'm going to my happy place now: AIM! <.g>

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I just discovered two (not so?) strange things. First, Sean Biggerstaff not only is on LiveJournal, but is also a member of Must Be Pop. Secondly, I found the most wonderful Orlando Bloom multimedia site. And all the multimedia files are hosted on an *NSYNC domain. Oh you, wicked girls of the multiple fandoms, you. ;-)


Today's Scullyfic topic is "Joke Day." So everybody's sharing their favorite jokes. :)

The funniest things I've read today are The Skinhead Hamlet and the 2002 TV Fall Schedule.

Go read and laugh a little. It's Friday!


Oh God, no. :( Joey's girlfriend, Kelly, was supposedly in a car crash -- and it seems her friend died. As usual, no one knows if this is true or not. I just hope is a rumor. :(


Rina, Kate: shut up. You know I was going to give up and do this one, too. :)

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

Damn. I'm sweet. And here I was hoping to be a Margarita. <.g>


Aaaah. Good lunch. But no cigar, because Burger King only had the Frodo figure today. Nothing against Frodo, but I like to lust after people taller than me.

Now, in the "No One Else But Me Cares About This Post" department, I share Viggo things with ya, because it's Friday and I feel like sharing.

Part 1: The Quotes.

"Sean Bean and I made fun of the elves, and they made fun of us. They said we were dirty and smelly and less intelligent and graceful, all of which is probably true. We commented on their vanity: 'Well, when you are done with your nails, we are being attacked.' "
-- on hanging out with the cast behind the cameras

"You are staying here while the press take some photographs of us, my friend!"
-- at the Denmark LOTR premiere party, after grabbing the butt of a fan disguised as Saruman

Part 2: The Good, but Mother****ing Interview That Spoiled "The Return Of The King" For Me

Starlog, February 2002, Part I and Part II.

Part 3: Pretty Pictures

Starlog, February 2002, Picture 1 and Picture 2.


It's the Friday Five!

1. What do you have your browser start page set to?


2. What are your favorite news sites?

Well, Yahoo!News, El Nacional, El Universal, Globovision and CNNenEspanol. :)

3. Favorite search engine?
Yahoo!, but I always end up in Google.

4. When did you first get online?
1995, when I started college. We had such a crappy connection there, but damn it if I was going to miss out on the chance to know what was all the big fuss about Internet. :)

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Hm. Tomorrow I'm going out with some friends to see Monsters, Inc., because I'm probably the only human on Earth that hasn't seen that movie. Then, I'm meeting with another group of friends to catch up on mutual gossip. Then I'll be home to watch "A Walk On The Moon" with Yummy Viggo. On Sunday, I'll probably sleep and be a couch potato to watch the Golden Globes.


Back at work, feeling much better but coughing as if I had hairballs on my throat. Eeek. But I'm happy because people missed me. I got hugs and everything today. Even my boss gave me a hug. Good Lord. Apocalypse must be near. Oh, and this new intern we have, he missed me too. He came to my desk and ask me how I felt, because he missed me and my music yesterday. Aww. :-)

Turns out being at home yesterday wasn't that bad after all. If you don't count the $12 I spent on eBay getting this. Hee. I also caught the little LOTR 8-minute feature on HBO, just before "28 Days" started. I saw yummy Viggo. Had a very lovely sleep. Surely with a smile on my face, because my last thought was his surly naked chest.


Did I mention I got the December '01 Elle? Just for the Viggo interview? And the picture? Oh, yeeeeeah.

It seems things are looking up today around here, because my lovely coworkers are spoiling me. They're taking me to Burger King for lunch, so I can get my hands on another LOTR figure. Then, after work we're going to Mrs. Rosa's (our former RRHH manager) Café and have a purdy snack, which will probably consist of a high-calory dessert, but I won't complain.I wish I were strong enough to go to Felipe's class today, but there's NO way I'm going to the gym today. I don't wanna pass out while I'm dancing to System of a Down, thank you.

Okay, must work. Or at least look like I am working.

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Thursday, January 17, 2002
Ugh. I'm sick as a dog. I'm here at home, with a roll of toilet paper for my nose. My throat hurts like a bitch, my head is on the verge of exploding, but... I don't have fever anymore! Yay! And I'm sick of being in bed. I need to exercise my butt out of there. Which reminds me, Limbert didn't make it to the gym last night. I wonder what happened to him.

Anyway. I just realized that I miss work a day and I miss good gossip: Britney says in Germany that chocolate is like an orgasm for her, JC & Emmanuelle are indeed dating, and lo and behold, Chris Carter says this season is the last for X-Files.

What are my plans for the rest of the day? Well, I plan to abuse HBO and wait for the best. In fact, tonight they're showing "28 Days" and I'll get a chance to see Viggo. Works for me as a nice warm-up, since "A Walk In The Moon" is on Saturday night. Heee. Yummy Viggo.

I'm actually feeling a little woozy now. I don't think is because of Viggo, so I better lay down for a while. Send some cleenex my way, dahlings!


Wednesday, January 16, 2002
I signed up for the Blogger Insider project, where you're paired up with a fellow blogger for two weeks. After those two weeks have passed, they interview each other with 15 questions that they'll post in their blogs. Let's see if I can make it for the next round, on Jan. 21. :-)



Amazon has the *NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone 50% OFF. Must. Not. Buy. Don't. I just spent $10 on eBay buying the Ring LOTR bookmark. So purdy. And it has the ring attached to it! It has the poem in elvish and everything. Now, if I could only find Aragorn's... :-(

I'm feeling better since the little sun I got at lunch time was good for me. I bought these ginger candies for my throat, but honestly, they taste like shit and I won't eat anything that tastes like shit if I do not have a gun pointed to my head.

In other news, I went to the travel agency to find out how much May's trip to Austin for Melissa's graduation will cost me. Since I'll be going there for four days and then head down to Florida to visit The Man and have a week of sexual bliss or a week of clinic depression, the round ticket is gonna be around $650. Ouch. And if I really wanna go visit Shelley and Kate in Chicago for the *NSYNC concert in April, I'm gonna have to pull an extra $450 out of my ass. Good God. So, let's round it in $1,500. That's around Bs. 2,300,000.

<.Michael Jackson>WHOOOOOOO!<./Michael Jackson>

The time has come to pimp myself, I think.


YAY! Jon Stewart will host the Grammys this year again. :)

Browsing through The Brunching Shuttlecocks and wasting company time, I found out the Official Geek Chart! So, do you find yourself there? <.g>

And lookie! BLOGSTICKERS! You know, like bumper stickers? Yeah. Or as somebody else called them, "Post-modern ironic meta-commentary on pop culture bumperstickers without a shred of sentiment or honesty."


The "DUH!" of the day goes to Neva Chunin from the SF Gate, who discovered warm water finding out the slashy elements on the LOTR books. They're men, and yes, they love each other. She scores points for a good analysis of love and bonding between the male characters, tho. Worth the read.

And last, but not least, a touching personal ad. Even balrogs have a heart, you know.


I'm sick. I think.

Last night after I got home from the gym I was incredibly sore and sleepy. After taking a shower and dry-blowing my hair, I went to bed at 10, which is three hours earlier than I'm used to. I had to sleep with five sweaters, socks, pants and everything. It was freezing outside. And please consider the fact that I live in a tropical country. Anyway, I remember being very hot in my sleep, so I think I may have gotten a fever. But then I guess I sweated it all, because somehow I took off all the sweaters and the pants. My throat is a it sore this morning and I'm not my usual self, but I decided to wear leather to worlk to cheer myself up. Yes. And it's so DAMN cold here I had to bring another sweater to put on top of the turtleneck and light sweater I have already on. Ah, the joys of A/C.

I just hope I'm not sick tonight, because I'm looking forward to Limbert's class tonight. And I HATE to be sick. :-(


Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Oh, wow. The Fellow Ship people made a site. Browsing through the galleries, I found this.

As the Cocktail girls would say, another pair of panties have been ruined for good.


Guess what? I made another test!

If I were a web "feature" you love to hate. I'd be:

You look at me like I'm crazy. You've filed a restraining order. I've shared too much. I'm not finished

Now, that's a shocker. <.g>


Okay, I did some SnobJumping, aka Traversal, which is noothing more than a jump of 6 or more sites through the SnobBlog ads.

Site 1 - KiwiNessie Webbed ~ Life Happens: Designs. Midwafery. Aromatherapy.

Site 2 - Barker House Happenings: Family ramblings. But what do you know? The Queen went to see LORT last night. <.g>

Site 3 - my little life: New family. Babyblog. Romatic husband. Not. Cuteness abounds.

Site 4 - Finger Lickin' Good: Gangsta lova of pointless tests. Fond of The Ho.

Site 5 - Elusive Horizon: Joyce has an issue with hair. And hairstylists.

Site 6 - blurst: Did you know the 20th anniversary edition of Tron is on store shelves today?

People is strange. <.g>


It seems Lance had a good time in Sundance last week. <.g>


Well, what do you know? It turns out they did this skit on SNL last Saturday where they spoof *NSYNC in Episode II.

The cast: Josh Hartnett as JC, Jimmy Fallon as Justin, Horatio Sanz as Joey, Chris Kattan as Chris and Seth Meyers as Lance. I'm SO taping that when it airs here. <.g>


See that little ad in the left upper corner? Well, I gave up and joined BlogSnob. What is that? It's like a ring of snob bloggers. <.g> I'm actually happy because I received an e-mail telling me I was good enough to belong to them. LOL. It's nice, because I may find a few interesting things to read. :-)
: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:40 AM :*: ::


Okay, test time!

Number 1: New Year's Resolution. I like it. :-)

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

Number 2: I'm Pooh. But I disagree.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Number 3: I'm schizophrenic.

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

So, that means I'm a Pooh bear with Schizophrenia that should try to seduce as many people as he can as his 2002 resolution? Well, that's definitely more like me. <.vbeg>


Okay, that's it. I'm moving this to Tripod right now. Fuck the archives. I'll find a way to move them. I'm tired of Blog*Spot.

So, love.is.anarchy moves to a new address:


See ya there.


Monday, January 14, 2002
Kill yer pop-pups! And go kiss Phil for making your life happier. =)

I'm blogging a lot today, aren't I?


Somebody hold me, 'cause I'm marrying Legolas!! <.g>

M * A * S * H

You will marry LEGOLAS from Lord of the Rings, live in an ancient elven palace in the middle of the forest, and spend your days walking on top of snow and rowing ivory boats and just being beautiful.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?


Is it unhealthy that I get so excited with an online test? Ah, well. <.giggle>

Thanks to Michelle for the link! <.g>


Since today is the day where I talk about the JC Heinous Hair (tm) all day long, I have to put up here what COnstance said:

"PCA's last night. It was ok. Not *wowie* but it was alrigh. I love the Days cast. So pretty. All of them. JC. Mullet. No. Chris. Shave those damn devil pubes off, lol. Lance looked alrigh as well. They actually had a nice style goin' on. Props you guys. =D"

So, mullet. Things are worse than I thought. ;-)


Chris Plays Canyon Blaster -- a sweet story by Anna. Go read now.



I've always said it. Great minds think alike.
: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:27 AM :*: ::


I'm creeped out. Watch and compare:

BAD hair
See that girl in the middle? That's JC at the People's Choice Award's last night.

Joan Cusack
See that girl? That's Joan Cusack.

As you can see, Poor JC has Joan Cusack's haicut now. Makes me wanna sing "I'm not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman" to him. LMAO.

[OTOH, Lance looks yummalicious, and Chris is starting to look like the dude from System of a Down.]

: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:22 AM :*: ::


Ack! So much work to do. <.sigh>

Well, what do you know? Saturday's wedding was fantastic. The ceremony was gorgeous, and I must say I especially enjoyed Barbara and Alfredo's faces of utter joy. They looked like idiots in love. SO cute! :)

And the party -- AWESOME. I hadn't danced so much in a long time, so I must thank Fabi's brother for the entertainment. My legs are still kinds sore, and I'm quite afraid of the outcome of the party's video. I must be all over the place shaking my ass, LOL. Believe me, all my dance classes at the gym paid off, baybee. <.g>

Oh, and Orlando Bloom turned 25 yesterday! Yay! :)

: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:20 AM :*: ::


Friday, January 11, 2002
You know, the wedding? Tomorrow? I'm getting really anxious. Good thing I'm writing fic with Lady Alicia on IM, because I'd go nuts and start biting my toenails or something. And I plan to learn a poem in elvish. And watch West Wing tonight.This morning. Potato, pohtato.
: : miggie : : spoke @ 11:30 PM :*: ::



I <3 Fametracker. The newest "Hey! It's That Guy!" edition is dedicated to Sean Bean, aka Boromir in LOTR:

The Unbearable Frightness of Bean
"I must confess that while Boromir definitely brought the hotness, I couldn't quite place the actor, and the credits went by too quickly for me to place a name with the face. But yeah, I could go for a side order of Bean with my Mortensen."

Hell, yeah. ::purrs::


Oh wow. I just saw Elton John's video for "I Feel Love," starring Robert Downey Jr. AMAZING. I'm speechless.


Orlando Bloom was on Regis & Kelly this morning. A little caption, courtesy of TheOneRing.net:

Damn, he's SO cute. :)


Rina's mom is okay! Woohoo! :-))))


Tripod won't let me move my blog. :''-(

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I can't quite figure it out just yet.


Okay, that worked out. <.g>




Wheeee! Teen People will have a chat with Chris chat on January 15th at 7:30pm ET. I wonder if I'll get home on time to read what he says, because asking something is out of the question -- they usually pick the same ones all the time. "Do you have a girlfriend?" "What's your favorite color?" "What's the best part of being in *NSYNC?" Duh. Talk about wasting questions on Chris, who's definitely the BEST at interviews. I still giggle when I remember the Leno one. SO funny. <.g>
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I think I'll have to swear my undying love to Kim after she posted the address to Deep Fanfic Thoughts, by Jack Handey. So damn good. An example:

If you kill off a character, and then you kill off a character's best friend, and then you kill off a character's mom, I don't think it's a good idea to also kill off the character's dog, because readers see that and they think, "Forgive me, but that's just too much."


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Damn, I'm old. My back hurts *really* bad today. Did I really sleep that curled up last night? Ugh. I may need to take a painkiller or something, unless I can find some shiatsu masseuse in the office.

ANYway. Did I mention I saw LOTR last night again? Hell, the sound on the theater was AWESOME. I heard things I hadn't heard the first two times, and I was all jumpy and excited even when I knew what was going to happen next. Which takes me to the strange phenomenon of The Anticipated Bawling Maigua and I had going on. We started crying before things happened. And since we *knew* what was going to happen, it got worse. I tell you, every time we watch that movie, is worse. At the end we ruin our makeup and make our eyelids all puffy. But is SO good. <.sigh>

Since last night I realized Barbara's wedding was only two days away, I though that I should try on the dress and see if I still fitted into it. Thanks to some higher power, the dress fits perfectly, and it's black, so no problem with the extra butt. My black, shiny sandals look purdy too, and with the punk necklace my mom bought for me, I'm gonna look positively gothic. Love it. Toenails will be black, and I'm stil wondering if I should apply black to my nails, too. "It's a wedding, after all," mother said.

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Thursday, January 10, 2002


Help. I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna fucking DIE tonight watching that movie again.


Wheeee! I have a Blogger Code, dude.

Your blogger code is:
B4 d- t- k s- u f i o+ x- e l c

Get yours here, and thanks to Kris for the link!


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God, this is so true it's creepy.

My anthem is "For You", by Staind.
The only time I can find comfort is when I'm in my own mind. I know exactly what I want to say, if I could ever have a chance to get it all out. I may look like any other person on the outside, but I'm screaming on the inside...
Find out what YOUR anthem is HERE!

You know what's more scary? This was spot #2.

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I love Anna because when I stop reading her for a while, she has cute stuff up like big, yummy pictures of JC.

And she's handy, too.

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Hm. I'm kinda sore this morning. Limbert's class last night was really, really heavy on the hip moves, so I feel like I went to a wild party or something. But we had so much fun! Can you believe we *all* went to that class last night? Not only Maigua, Raquel and me, the usual suspects, but Rosa, Amny and Jesus went, too. Endless fun! Especially because our lovaly teacher was kinda frisky last night. He kept coming up behind you and doing his freaky stuff. Bastard. <.g> Amny had these HUGE eyes. She almost poked an eye. LOL.

Mom is taking me out for lunch today! I'm so excited. We're going to Yamato and we'll eat sushi like a couple of crazy women. Yummy.

Guess what? I'm watching LOTR again tonight. I guess I can't live without watching that movie once a week, huh? <.g> But hey, it's not for me, it's for Amny. Because she hasn't seen it, and since we're such good, thoughtful friends, we're taking her, you see. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Viggo? What Viggo? <.g>

I wish I could use AIM in here, since Rina hasn't blogged and I want to know about her mom. Damn firewalls.


Lookie, *NSYNC grabbed an award at the AMA's last night for favorite Pop/Rock group. Too bad Lance and Joey didn't make it, but Chris, Justin and JC looked quite good. After watching many pics, I must say this one's my favorite:

Associated Press

Alicia Keys: I'd like to thank the Academy...
JC: Look at the monitor! We look good, yo.
Chris: Aaah... yeah. To be young and millionaire.
Justin: "Everybody was kung fu fiiiightiiiing..."



Wednesday, January 09, 2002
Well, now thanks to this people will think Harry Potter is really evil. <.snicker>


Ain't it the truth.


Tuesday, January 08, 2002
Okay, I'm taking down the cliques and extra images for the move. If, by any chance, you're visiting to see your clique, wait a couple days until I move. Pretty please? <.g>

I also need some kind of script that redirects the visitors to the new site. ::sigh::



::stumble, stumble::




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Finally, the Internet is by my side. My computer at home is fixed! Our connection is back at the office!

Now I just need to move in Tripod. ::groan::

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Friday, January 04, 2002
You have not experienced real entertainment until you've had a long talk with the RingMessenger buddy on AIM. Oh, to keep a sane conversation with an automated machine. ;-)


WHEEEEEEE!!! I got the package from Kate!!

But I'm pissed because it's been here in the office since Dec. 26th, and the guys at the entrance were absolutely UNABLE to give it to me. And I got it today because I *asked* them, "hey, do you know if I've got some mail?" And there it was. <.g>

So, the package not only has the funniest *NSYNC watch, but an *NSYNC tape for endless fun (which includes the group history, written by Carolyn -- LOL!), the October Teen People, a beautiful Holiday card from Kate and the cutest note from Rina. ::sighs happily::

I also skipped work most of the adternoon to go have a very long lunch and go shopping for Melissa's present. We have a late Xmas gift exchange tomorrow. I got her a shexay shirt in MNG. She's gonna love it. :-)

Last, but not least: Did you know Orlando Bloom (Legolas in LOTR) is 24 years old? He has my age. Wow.


Oh. Oh. God.

::fans self::

I saw the Girlfriend video this morning. I love my MTV.

I was a bit worried because Rina is not really fond of it, and I was ready to hate it, but who-ho-hoa. It's not possible they all look so incredibly hot in a single video. Lance: damn sexy. Joey is teasing and sweet. Chris looks extremely hot. Justin looks delish. And JC has "sex" plastered all over him. He makes me weep. Really. I do admit that Justin appears onscreen more time than necessary, but I can handle it. I really like the dirty look of the video, and even when it's a bit too "The Fast and The Furious" and I wish I had seen more of that dancing on top of the cars, I enjoyed it greatly. Now I just need to hunt it down so I can tape it and really make a thorough critic. <.g>

This didn't help at all the lusty kick I had going last night after watching LOTR for the second time. I was all hot and bothered with Aragorn, Boromir and Legolas. I came home desperately looking for slash. <.g>

Matters got worse when I found Rina on IM and she started throwing me *NSYNC slash links. Now I'm hooked on Synchronik and those damn Bus Stories.


Wednesday, January 02, 2002
Eeek! My blog looks like shit. Must check links quick.


Procrastinating? Who? Me? Blame The Barrow-Downs. Is not my fault. They have a Middle-Earth name generator.

- My Orc name: Grimbrúg the Despot
- My Elf name: Carangondwen
- My Dwarf name: Balin Songmirth
- My Hobbit name: Rowan Sackville-Baggins from Bree

Hey, I'm from Bree, dude! And I'm a Baggins. <.g>

Okay, I'm gonna go to work now. I promise.


Tee hee. <.g>

I'm Noodle

It was blatantly obvious. LOL.


I want to know what's up with my horoscope lately. According to them, I should be breathing through a haze of sheer joy and happiness in the romantic realm. Look at this:

>> Your Daily Horoscope for January 02, 2002.

Dear Miggie,
Love and romance is coming your way today, but it is important to be practical with how you treat it, Miggie. Don't take your relationships for granted. Realize that love doesn't necessarily mean that everything is perfect and fairy tale like. Structure and discipline is often required in order to maintain a healthy partnership. You should be able to incorporate these elements rather well today so make the most of this energy.

Okay, I just want to know where's that guy hiding. I can't see him. <.g>


[Third try 'cause Blogger hates me and won't let me publish]

<. childish whine>

Aw, man. I've been working too much today, and it's only January 2nd, for God's sake! The year is just starting! I want my bed!

<. /childish whine>

Okay, now that I got that off my system, I need to get back to work again, because I'm doing all the communication planning for this year. One would think these things should be done by now, but nooooo. The latter, the better. That's our policy.

Is too bad that I need to read slash this badly? I spent most of Saturday night in Matthew Time's page. God, that man is so good at slash. ::sigh:: I even subscribed to his list, which I didn't know existed. I feel like a bad fan. I mean, I should have known that stuff. Anyway. Maybe it was the overexposure, but I dreamed that night that I was climbing up stairs inside this high building, and in the steps, I would find people and touch them. And tehy would touch me back, you know, JC style in "Pop?" Yeah. That way.

But there was no ordinary people in my dream, I must say. Nick Carter groped me on the way to the 4th floor. Woah, he has nice, strong hands. Believe me, I felt them. And his arms are quite nice, too. And this guy does *nothing* for me, I must say. But today I saw the "Drowning" video and remebered the hands, and oh my God. LOL. Anyway, a few floors later, there was Lenny Kravitz. HOTNESS. He just caressed my cheek with sweetness and smiled, though. I just touched his hand. And last, but not least, JC. Saving the best for last, he was leaning against the wall. I saw him. As soon as I walked past him, he grabbed me by the arm and made me face him, my back against the wall. He was not only near, he was pressing himself against me, and I have no words to describe how GOOD that felt in the dream. So yeah, I was feeling *all* of him. Hot and hard, too. Yet I was so cool and controlled, I was proud of myself. He started nuzzling my neck, breathing harder, but his hands were in the wall behind me. Nothing else happened, because that's the last thing I remember. Sad, isn't it?

::runs to cry in the corner::

Must. Get. Work. Done.


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